Kiss the 2019 Witches Thread vol VIII


We win a tough one again.

There should be a rule before you post your game thoughts you have to start with a positive.

Way too much negativity for the best record in the CFL

Enjoy the win.

That was ugly…

The defence played a hell of a game. What did we end up with…7 sacks?? The Secondary was solid. Special Teams, other than the missed Field Goal, were good…

The offence is totally anemic… And, I don’t see that changing in the near future…My opinion is that the offence needs to feature the run more to take the pressure off Evans, and if successful, use play action to get separation for the receivers and open up the passing game…

Otherwise we are going to struggle mightily against good Western teams…

A win is a win, whether we score 50pts or, in this case, 13pts. An ugly win is still 2 points in the standings.

We are the top of the entire league (having beat Winnipeg in our only match with them). The offense wasn’t good tonight, but Evans will improve and he’ll start to gel with our recievers as time passes. Hopefully by the playoffs, we’ll be solid on all phases, but until then, I’ll be happy with ugly wins.

The TiCats are, definitely, not the best team in the league. But, they do, definitely as pointed out, have the best record in the CFL. I’ll take that, wth a smile. It says something about our coaches and players. That something is very different than what we’ve been accustomed to for a long, long time.:slight_smile:

Yes, an 8-2 start is great! ;D

Like others, I was hoping for a breakout game from Evans, but I guess it’s not in the cards…just yet.

Just wondering if the reason for the “recent under-achieving” of Banks (3 catches in 8 attempts) has to do with the type of throw from Evans. I suspect Banks seems to prefer Soli’s softer passes. Of course, this is not that different from Addison’s numbers (7 out of 12).

Have to agree with everything here! A win is a win - they don’t ask how, they just ask how many! Don’t think Masoli (or any other back up and I do mean Masoli as a back up) was any better and probably not as good). And considering that Tasker wasn’t playing, Erls is down (but will hopefully be back before long) and we were missing some key starters on D, especially the DL (Teddy, Tracy, Breaux and Brooks went down late) we can’t complain about how they won. I’m sure I read a comment yesterday suggesting that the DL would be toast without Teddy. Guess seven sacks might have been 8 or 10 had he and Tracy been in there. Mike Reilly is probably thankful for their absence. :wink:

Enjoy Labour Day all. I’ll be somewhere in the Scottish Highlands by then - leaving late tomorrow night (red eye) for a two week tour of GB. :slight_smile:

I keep waiting for Evans to improve but it’s not happening so I’m starting to worry about the post season as at this point we’d probably make the playoffs no matter what happens. Evans’ QB efficiency tonight was only 46 and BC does not have a great defense.

I have to agree, this was a very poor performance for Evans, he needs to bounce back in a big way against Toronto next week.

My confidence in his play has been rudely shaken after this game.

That being said, one bad performance can be quickly forgotten with a good one, especially if it comes at the expense of the Argos on Labour Day.

8-2 is awesome, no matter what

Combined 4 points in the two wins over the Lions. A very refreshing change that we win the close ones instead of dropping them late in the game.

Evans will learn from his late pick. He showed better patience today when rolling out of the pocket. Would have been nice to see him connect on the bomb to Addison and the short pass to Speedy. Both looked like potential TD’s.

Need to see more from Marshall by play design and calling. The guy is a solid back but he rarely sees the ball. I don’t get it…

Acklin made some beautiful catches tonight. The one where he tipped it to himself was redonkulous! The ball was tipped and as he is heading to the ground he whips his head around in the opposite direction, sees the ball and snags it before it hits the turf. A-mazing! Definitely a catch of the year candidate.

Defense continues to dominate. Seven sacks, two picks and a harassed Reilly all night. Good adjustments at half time stymied the run game for BC (I know it helped White was out). Our off season acquisitions are really shining through for the Cats while our newer players are rounding into consistent performers. We kept the hungry veterans and they lead by example.

The coaches did a great job juggling the ratio. Tasker and Tracey were definitely missed but it shows good depth that we could win with our alternate players.

Can’t take unnecessary penalties like two roughing the passer in the last quarter. That can lose the game in a heartbeat.

The Labour Day Classic is next! Can’t wait.

Man… 8 and 2 sounds great!

You don’t seem to really understand football. Maybe it’s not for you.

Not all games are going to be shootouts. Some are defensive stalemates. The team won, and you need to new sport to follow.

I guess that success is in the eye of the beholder . We are developing a good, young quarterback and we’re 8 - 2 .

The Jay fans are all excited about their developing young guys and their team is 25 games below 500.

What’ya gunna do ? ::slight_smile:

Pat Lynch ( the old dude )


The jays are chumps, trying to sell their fan base something to be excited about.

Most Tiger-Cat fans expect a championship calibre team - which we don’t appear to display; even though we are winning.

Good News is that we have matched last year’s regular season win record of 8 wins - AND ITS ONLY THE 10TH GAME!

Further good news is, we are winning ugly - how many times in the last 20 years, teams like Calgary, Sask and others have won ugly against us and we have thought - it just plain sucks.

More good news is that the games are close and therefore keeps the entire team and coaches engaged for the entire game. Too many blowouts make teams lose focus in the close games.

Now let the real season begin - which is on labour day and see if this team soars or falls on their face. Either way this is when the rubber meets the road.

Despite it being a 'Cats victory, that was one of the worst officiated games I’ve seen in a long time. Pathetic. Lots of missed calls, with probably more of them committed by the Ticats. The first goal of the team, when the season started, is to end up in first place no matter what the record is. They are well on their way to accomplishing this feat. Still hoping for improvement in Evans play, which I’m patient to wait for, as well as some better play calling from Condell.

Other than late season momentum, going into the playoffs, I don’t agree that the “real season begins on Labour Day.” The reward for winning Game 1 is exactly the same as for winning Game 18 – 2 pts. in the standings.

The four words, which most likely = a successful CFL season, IMHO, are “Win early. Win often.” That’s what the 2019 TiCats have been doing. We’re still in August and can talk “magic numbers” for wrapping up a first place finish – with Montreal it’s 6.5, while with both Ottawa and Toronto it’s 3.5. (From here on, any combination of TiCat wins, and losses by the other team, totalling the “magic number,” eliminates that team from finishing first.)

I agree with mightypope on the officiating and the good fortune the Cats had, with it, on several occasions, last night. I even thought Newton should have, or could have, been flagged for either holding or interference on the end-of-game short KO, recovered by Daly. Luck was on our side in that game. The officials helped the TiCats win and Andre Proulx was the ref. :-\

Without looking at schedules I would suspect 3 more wins would do it (barely). 4 would be an almost sure thing.

Looking at the case with Montreal. The Ticats have 16 points with a maximum possibility of getting 16 more for a maximum season finish of 32. The Als have 8 points with a maximum possibility of adding 20 more and finishing with 28.

The 3 or 4 more TiCat victories you suggest would bring their points, in the standings, up to 22 or 24 – not enough to mathematically eliminate Montreal from winning first place.

I think you’re missing my point.

If we only win 3 more games and get to 11-7 on the season, Montreal would have to go 7-3 in their remaining 10 games to tie us.

Should we win 4, they’d have to go 8-2.

Montreal is not going 8-2 the rest of the way.

re. Defensive stalemates…Thanks for the stellar insight, Captain Obvious…You seem to have cracked the code here…Well done!!!

From now on I’ll simply defer to your leviathanesque knowledge of all things football related because I could only learn from your otherworldly level of intellect…Or else I’ll “need to new sport to follow”…