Kiss the 2019 Witches Thread vol VII (Ottawa Post-game thread)

Maybe I should have titled this the “Monkey Off Our Back” thread.
We finally beat Ottawa in Ottawa.
Greater emphasis on the run game, even if the stats don’t agree (haven’t checked).
Dane did just enough to win the game.
Defence was stellar.
Williams gave us great field position all game.
Might be getting thin on the D-line with both Tracey and Laurant getting hurt…

Rushing numbers were pretty good:

MARSHALL, Cameron[/td]
COOMBS, Anthony[/td]
ADDISON, Bralon[/td]
WATFORD, David[/td]
EVANS, Dane[/td]
BANKS, Brandon[/td]

Marshall could have had 130 yards if they hadn’t gone away from him. Not one single draw play, don’t remember seeing a screen either.

Mark Washington’s defence won that game. I think it is an insult to Murray, Brooks, and a few others, that Addison was named by TSN as player of the game.

They do have a tendency to go to a player on offense although I’ve seen them award it to a defense maybe once.

What are you talking about? The Ticats won regular season games in Ottawa in 2014, 2016 and 2017.

Good game overall - not as exciting offensively but our D played really well and made plays when it mattered. More disciplined overall. Not the most riveting game for the casual viewer but nothing wrong with a good defensive battle. Even with some of our key guys out on D they managed to shut down Davis and keep them out of the end zone.

Never going to complain about a win. ;D

Didn’t beat them at all last year though - in Ottawa or in Hamilton and that East Final is one that most of us would prefer to forget! Got that bad taste out today with this win.

Great to get a win against the Two Colours. Still I get frustrated with Condell even when we win. We kill drives with dumb play calling. Some injuries on D today, hope they are ok to go next week. Williams has turned into a very good DB. Rolle also after being benched has really stepped up his game. Brooks has been balling all year.

Needed to use Marshall more, especially later in the game as Ottawa’s D-line was so thin and had been on the field too long

Just finished watching on pvr. Stupid 4 pm game.

I, for one, am happy about Evans progression.

He’s not slinging it quite as hard, it seems. The team is confident enough to let him go vertical, and he is showing more fire and less confusion.

The interception when Banks went down was not his fault. The constant wide outs were not his fault.

Still a full half season for him to round into at least basic starter material as long as he continues to get protection.

Yeah, frustrating game when at the half you feel you should be up by 17 but all in all quite acceptable. I am feeling better about team prospects.

Boring? Yes. Frustrating on offence. Yes. A win? Also yes.

Add em up I don’t care how they look at this point. The most important part is we’ve created enough separation to give Dane some breathing room to go through the natural rookie hiccups without his teammates, coaches or the fans turning on him.

I think there’s promise on offence and hopefully they’re hitting their stride going into the playoffs while the defence keeps getting better and better.

Hasn’t been a better start since 1998 squad went 7-2, soak it up


No, not for me. I far prefer defensive struggles, where both defences are on their game.

OTT defense had a ton of help.

I was bored watching this game, and realize that this offence is good, but they
almost beat themselves today. This game could have been a real lopsided game
in the cats favour. Things I think would help them is; leave Marshal in the back field
as he averaged over 7 yards a carry and can block also receivers are not running backs. leave Addison down field as a receiver. They are not going to cover him,
Banks along with Tasker and Acland all at the same time if Adison is playing down field as a receiver.
I think it would give Evans better targets to throw to, and what is with these side line
patterns, and throwing the ball 2 or 3 yards, when you need 10 for a first down.
The play calling needs to improve to better the offence , like slants , 10 yard
passes not 3 yard passes. Banks was double covered a lot of time, from what I saw
I feel that they are becoming predictable on offence , and need to spread
the ball around more. The defence in my opinion played great and won the game .

Our offence can take the first off, and beat a crappy team like Ottawa; but they will need to play all 4 quarters to beat the teams above .500.

Really missed Harris and Ellingson show today.
I guess we’ll have to beat’m in Edmonton.

Me too. Have you ever noticed that Calgary home games tend to have the highest percentage of strong D games on both sides. No matter the opponent.

Is there ANYBODY on this site that thought that we would have a record of 7 wins vs 2 losses for the first half of the season? Especially since we lost Masoli to injury?
Both our Defence and Special Teams are playing lights-out, and our Offence has been doing enough to keep winning games. The only team we haven’t defeated yet is Edmonton. By the time we play them, Evans should be fully up to speed with the entire play book…

Calgary was 34 seconds away from giving us a 4 game lead in the East. Unfortunately (with a little help) Montreal pulled it out.

3 game lead in the East.

Can’t say that I had any expectations going into the season aside from feeling that the team should be very good. Didn’t want to put a specific number on games won/lost though.
Was at the game when Masoli went down not far from where we were sitting and had an immediate sinking feeling - mainly about managing to win that game. When they got the win over the “unbeaten” bombers then I gained some confidence in their ability. We might lose some of those western road games but if we can pull out a couple and keep the winning streak alive at THF, we could end up with 12-13 wins! Don’t think anyone would have complained about that record a year ago! I’m sure not going to complain about a 7-2 record for the first half of this year. One more win and we tie our wins from last season! :wink: :smiley:

Larks are proving to be a force with Adams now entrenched as their starter so our final game against them - in Montreal - definitely won’t be a “gimme”. They might turn out to be as tough to beat as some of the western teams!