Kiss the 2019 Witches Thread vol IX (Labour Day Post Game thread)

A few more:

  1. My biggest takeaway is that the team didn’t give up when a lot of teams would. There was very little to be encouraged about at half-time, but they still came out fighting. That feeling will live on with them for the rest of the season.

  2. It was discouraging to see how much pressure they were getting on us without even blitzing. Seven sacks, including five by their D-linemen. We’ll need to sort that one out.

  3. Addison in space is scary. Some Argo defenders will be replaying moments in their head and wondering how they missed him. Also he is now sixth in the league in receiving yardage.

  4. I hope the experiment of dressing no backups for 4 of the 5 DB positions will come to a graceful end.

  5. After watching the replays of the big wrestling match in the first quarter, I still never saw any punches thrown by either side. I’m sure there were, but there’s no guarantee that the refs would have seen everything that happened. Assuming that our guys got caught and theirs did not is still a far more believable explanation than the never-ending league effort to screw us over.

  6. I think Coach Austin would have reacted differently to the ejections than Coach O did, and I don’t think it would have helped us.

  7. Those missing for the Cats by the end of the first quarter included six all-star caliber players at QB (Masoli), receiver (Tasker), DT (Laurent), CB (Breaux), S (Adeleke - I’m assuming he will be an all-star this year) and KR (Williams - same), plus two other starters at DE (Tracy) and RB (STE and his replacement and his replacement’s replacement). Basically one-third of the starting line-up.

  1. Week after week, Simoni looks like he’s playing his best football in years.
  1. It’s not very often that you see the starting RB end up tied for fifth in number of carries. I assumed Coombs was hurt for most of the game, although TSN didn’t say anything about it.

  2. Weird that we have now played two more games than MTL. Just checked the schedule, and they don’t get another bye all season. If we finish first and they meet us in the Eastern Final, it will be their 11th straight week without a break. We get at least two byes, and a third if we finish in first.

What is interesting is that a lot of that pressure came through the interior. Ciraco and Revenberg got man-handled quite a few times which directly led to sacks.

Evans doesn’t roll out the same as Masoli. So if the DT can bull rush his way through the Guards then he will wrap up Evans in the pocket before he even makes his 1st read.

The half-time adjustments seemed to have fixed the problem. Some screens, hot reads and razzle dazzle kept those pesky Argos away from our QB.

Also Evans seemed to switch from a 5 step drop to a 3 step and thus had to get off the throw faster. Anyone else notice this?

  1. I notice the written play-by-play shows just 2 penalties called on that – the 2 TiCat ejections, each worth 25 yds. Yet, when play resumed, the ball was set just 25 yds. up field (from T33 to H52). Why?

  2. Something I noticed, recently, looking at the schedule – If WPG finishes first in the West, they will have 27 consecutive days of not playing between their regular season finale on Oct. 20th and hosting the Western Final on November 17th.

Coombs can help us as a change of pace RB, second and long or as a backup receiver and returner.

He is too small and not a good enough blocker to help with protecting the QB. That was evident early yesterday.

On the field there were also 2 calls announced against T.O.: 10 for Objectional Conduct and 15 for Unnecessary Roughness… 25 total.

Our 25’s were for Unnecessary Objectional Conduct and Rough Play (I thought that was what I heard.) Those are also suspensions. 50 total.

When you look at the standings we are actually only two games ahead in the loss column. On first glance it looks like 3-4.

Having said that id rather have the 2 extra wins in the can.

Yes, It was a game changer, Evans and the Receivers got into a rhythm,
Thats when Evans went 19 of 20! :slight_smile:

Were the two ejections for pushing or contacting Officials during the scrum , that was mentioned by

Duane Ford TSN …?

Absolutely, loved the half time adjustments both on offence and defence.
The Argos missed a lot of scoring opportunities in the first half, we were giving this game on a silver platter. A good team would have had at least 10-14 more points on us; due to the multiples of turnovers and sacks against us.
Hopefully we can start playing more disciplined on our road trip.

One for rough play, the other for physical abuse of an official.

That one should be assessed on Valesi for impersonating a Referee.

Valessi is from Hamilton and a math teacher at Glendale H.S.

I can’t see him being biased against Hamilton. He seems to call a pretty fair game.

He’s one of the refs we’ve complained about substantially less than someone like Proulx or Bradbury.

I think part of the change was pulling closer in the second half and being able to establish the run. That gave the O-Line a breather. The second half looked alot more like the first drive.

The one on Adeleke was for contacting an official.

The classic call was from Andre Proulx after being run over after the play . " There is no flag on the play . It was an accident ! "

Tommy Vallesi made the correct non-call on the Wilder knock down . The other officials made phantom calls while missing punches and Argo headshots .

You can’t abuse officials ! This isn’t soccer but it shouldn’t be baseball, either .

Bradbury and the Angry Garden Gnome are the only officials that I truly hope never work Cat games .

Pat Lynch (the Tommy Vallesi fan )

A math teacher who clearly can’t do the math.

Boy, did he take abuse from the fans in our section.

Wow, that’s crazy.

Winnipeg will NOT finish first in the west.

No more gimme games left on their schedule and are very unfortunate to have a bye week at the end of the regular season.

If they do somehow pull off first in the West, I will be very impressed with that group.

IMHO, Calgary and Sask will be hosting Western playoff games