Kiss the 2019 Witches Thread vol IX (Labour Day Post Game thread)

We win the Ballard Cup by beating the blew team.
9-2 on the season so far.
We have the best record in the League.
Great comeback for the win.
With this win, I really think that Evans has come into his own.

I’ll say it first and get it over with

But it’s only Toronto.

Hi sigpig, please edit the roman numeral to IX. (XI is 11. We’ll have to wait a couple of weeks for that thread, lol).

So many emotions in this one with all the Lows, highs. Congrats to tiger-Cats. Really hard to figure out this team the way we can look in the first half then play lights out in the second. Now if the Stamps can kick the crap out of the eskies it will be a super great day.

That was incredible!!!

That team looked dead in the water in the first half, other than the opening drive. They couldn’t get out of their own way. Evans looked horrible…Stupid penalties…Two ejections…O-Line looked like it was still asleep…No pressure from the D-Line on the Argo QB…

2nd half was like a different team showed up…Evans played lights out. The adjustments made seemed to work. O-Line started to actually protect. Braylon Addison was almost unstoppable. Sustained drives and the Defence got the Argonauts off the field most of the time…

Totally dominated the 2nd half…

Now we can’t finish any worse than .500…And we win the Ballard Cup!!!

It’s a good thing we got to 9 wins today because the next 3 games look very scary…

This. Team. Does. Not. Quit.


Love it.

Done. :wink:

We are watching the growth of a QB…he made some questionable decisions in the first half, BUT HE’S A FIRST-YEAR STARTING QB! He is getting better every game…numbers may not always show it, but you can see that the game is slowing down for him, and he is throwing to the right receiver most of the time…

This team finds ways to win, instead of finding ways to lose (as we have for so long)…

Poor officiating feeds our belief that the league is rooting against us…the calls from the fight we laughable, and the fact that Wilder and Edwards (for swinging at Beverette) never happened feeds it…nobody says we lose because of officiating, but we sure seem to have to work a little harder because of it.

It all happened so fast at the game and I couldn’t totally make out what happened in that fight other than Wilder trying to beat up Simoni. I thought it was a Toronto player that pushed the official, so I was shocked when they called Adeleke for that, and I still don’t really know why Williams was ejected (something about knocking off Green’s helmet?). Some people on the CFL Reddit page said it may have been Toronto’s #2 and Adeleke (OUR #2) was wrongfully called? Can anybody who saw more of the scuffle fill me in?

I couldn’t tell who did what. I did see an official trying to pull an Argo player away from the pile and he then fell backward. Doubt any penalty was called on that.

The player was Wilder and the official was Vallesi. Hard to see why it was not called by Vallesi. Does nothing but feed conspiracy theories.

on replay at the top rightof the screen it looked like an Argo player who the official didn’t see bumped into that official and then as the official was off balance and turning back, a ticat ran over him.

Just watched it. Valesi tries to pull Wilder out and slips and falls.

Wilder should have been given minimum 15 for his role, if not more. He dragged Simoni around by the facemask.

This is one of the few times when I was confident / believed the team could comeback. The first half was about bad luck, once they drew close they opened up the running game, giving the O-Line a break which in turn limited the number of sacks on passing downs.

Random thoughts:

  • How Toronto did not have a penalty in that mele (sp?) is beyond me

  • Evans and Banks now have chemistry

  • Evans has a cannon

  • We have depth at receiver, running back and DB.

Toronto had two. Both by SJ Green.

What was up with third and four gamble anyway

Seeing them come back in the second half after looking so bad shows a lot of character. Not like not long ago when they just have up in such a situation.
Great game!

Didn’t make any sense at the time, doesn’t make any sense now.

I was ok with the call. It would have been a long FG. If you get that, you get some momentum.

Then chicken out on a third and one in second half. (grumble)