Kiss the 2019 EDF Witches.

10-0 at home.
20-point win for our team over EDM.GGREY CUP HERE WE COME!

Suggestion to DCF: Please add a XVI to the title of the thread. :wink:

It’s time to win the Grey Cup. This team is worthy of being East champs. So proud!

Agree 100%. This team is something special. I’ve posted on twitter that if they win the GC, I’m getting a Ticat tattoo. First tat at 55 years old.

We got three sacks against the best pass protection offensive line in the game.

Completed some long completions

Kept their defensive line from getting to Dane.

This Is Our House

No way we were losing today.

This team has set the standard in my lifetime.

Players, owner, coaches, support staff, fans.

Best I have ever seen.

Enjoy the win fellas.

Go get the Cup!

At least Mr. Proulx and his crew did not have an impact

As of right now the forecast is not yet available for Sunday, but for Saturday it is:

Sat, 23 Nov Sunny. High 12.

Yes disappointed not to see win number XVI.

BUT that’s the only thing that’s disappointing!! GREAT game and WIN. I was sure they’d get the W today!

A 15 win team SHOULD be dominant over an 8 win team from the west and they did NOT DISAPPOINT!!! It was easier to relax when they increased the lead as the game went on and the EE didn’t find the end zone. The D played lights out, STs contained well and the offense found a groove and put points on the board when they needed to! Looking forward to the Grey Cup and one more Tiger Cats WIN!!!

Congratulations to the Tiger Cats. Great game, one more to go!!! Oskee wee wee!!!

One can hope that it will be nice for Sunday too but in Calgary, the weather can change quickly and dramatically!

As expected.

Had to hear about Harris all week.

If you watched the games this year, you saw this coming.

The first year of a dynasty?

True but Harris made me nervous.
Fajardo, Collaros and Streveller don’t.

We held Harris and Ellingson to 16 points.

Heave that monkey!

If our coordinators don’t leave for HC positions & we can re-sign some key FA’s, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit

Doesn’t it feel great watching the western final knowing the Cats are on their way?

Usually game 2 on this weekend was only watched with mild interest…

Coming to getcha greenies/peggers!

We’re gonna need at east 2 more years of that Dynasty to see our team win at home