Kiss the 2018 Witches vol VII - Post game thread

2 pick-6s
6 sacks
Masoli under 300 yards.
We are back at .500

Protected the brand, answered the bell and kept game out of Jones hands. Couldn’t ask for more

Now to do that just 5 more times.

Ummm, why only 5? 6 or 7 would be better.

Outstanding win.
Now is a great time for the bye week to get healthier.

Next up
vrs MTL

Prefer to add a possible 8 in there. Don’t like the 6.

We are playing well, have a bye week to get healthy, and have four winnable games against eastern division teams to close out the regular season. We are well positioned.

I was impressed by two new starters today: DE Howsare, and the new kid who replaced Jordan at OT.

I also thought Capiciotti (who I have been critical of this year) has stepped up his game, and is back to his old self.

As the TSN commentators stated, we are a different team with Banks in there. Banks and Masoli really click.

Why is bread and butter Mazola still out there in the 4th risking injury ?!with a blow out , Then what we are done

John White was great, which generally means the OLINE was good and they were

15 carries- 108 yards - longest 38 yards

The lack of a hitch pass was concerning(just kidding:o)

I was elated to see Evans come in! :slight_smile:

UH they only have four games remaining - Toronto. back-to-back with Ottawa and Montreal. Would love to see them win out. They especially need to win both games against the OTTRBs if they want to nab first place as the OTTRBs already beat them earlier in the season. Of course you might have been including a playoff game in there too - just occurred to me that might be the case.

Regardless, that was a GREAT game - Ticats dominated especially on defense from the get-go and didn’t let their feline counterparts get into the game at all. Guess the leos thought they had this one won BEFORE it started. That’s what they get for being cocky and dancing on the logo yesterday! The bounces may have gone their way in that improbable win last week but it wasn’t going to happen twice!

Banks gonna get paid this offseason. If not by us … Jim Popp.

6 would be if we win the East, 7 would be if we end up in 2nd. 8 would be the first game of next year.

You’re right. I blame this flu that kept me from going. Back to bed, head in shame.

We gotta keep banks. Open the wallet.

It would be crazy to think we’ll go undefeated the rest of the way.

What part of “we are Tiger Cat fans” don’t you understand.

We believe we will go undefeated and we know we will blow the rest of the season.

Don’t think Banks would look good in double blue and he’d be badly misused in a Trestman dunk and dink offense. Jones won’t want to let him walk- especially down the road to the boatmen!

Why - Toronto isn’t that good and they’ve already beaten them twice (yes it’s hard to beat a team twice let alone three times) Ottawa will be a tougher test but they let the last game they played them slip away - and didn’t allow the OTTRBs to even score a TD. If they want to nab first place - and from everything I’ve heard that’s definitely the goal - then they’re probably going to have to win both those games. Montreal - 60-3 - need I say more? Even if they are playing better, they are not a match for the Ticats and by the final week of the season will probably be playing for next season.

Hey, Ticats…