Kiss the 2018 Witches vol V - LDC Post-game Thread

It was, for Tiger-Cats fans, a true Labour Day Classic.

Big win vs the blew team. Lots of bad blood for the rematch.

Saunders will probably be put on the 6-game to rehab the sprained MCL he suffered during the game. The big question is, who will we play to replace him?

The Big Stats:

Masoli: 26/35 74.3% 385 yards 3 TDs 1 Int, 22 yards rushing

Tasker : 8 catches 143 yards 1 TD

Banks: 9 catches 135 yards 2 TD, 6 yards rushing

Green: 18 carries 115 yards 2 TD, 3 catches 28 yards

My guess is Rashad Lawrence, as he knows the playbook. But you never know, they might put Shakeir Ryan in instead.

Now we all get to play The Great Drew Edwards Hamilton Spectator Guess What’s Going on With Jalen Saunders Game.


What’s up with the injury to Delvin Breaux? I couldn’t hear what they were saying about him on TSN (damn kids decided to get noisy at that point…)

Never mind, the Fifth Quarter just said it was a concussion. Ouch…

concussion protocol from knee to the head.

Luke is the new CAHOOOOooooooooN ;D ;D ;D ;D 8)

Frustrating to see all the PI calls on that Argo drive and then Jones had to challange when the refs wouldn’t call it for us.

Got to love the Cats running the ball down their throats in the final minutes.

Next week’s rematch is going to be a nasty game.

Not a great time for that challenge. Wasting your only challenge to get the ball on the 10 instead of a FG for the 10 pt lead.

Not saying it was bonehead…just wasn’t needed IMO.

And it was all for nothing with the fumble on the next play.

What’s team and league record for consecutive games with a penalty? Westerman must be closing in on it.

I feel like Jones hasn’t thrown a challenge flag in a few games. Maybe I’m just forgetting something?

There is no way JJ could predict the fumble.
I liked the challenge for a couple of reasons, obvous one, getting a first down in the red zone, it also sent a message to refs to pay attention to the PI.

Jermiah had a 3-1 TD to INT ratio and that is great. Gotta be more aware of the 13th man on the field…the upright. ;D

The only thing is, it was another horrible decision to try and force a play down the middle of the field. He should have thrown it OOB, leading to a punt, instead of an INT leading to a TD...

I didn't mention the fumble because I took it out of play.

It was like a 12 yard penalty. Just because the refs blow a call doesn't mean you use your only challenge of the game at that time.

You still need game management. And the way that game was going we may have needed the challenge later. (Like the 2nd down catch that hit the ground later). Take the 10 point lead and keep your challenge is all I was saying.

I said that in my seat well before the fumble.

If Masoli is going to hang 40 and throw TDs all night it's like Danny Mac. Take the good with the bad.

When he makes those plays and we score 12's a problem.

I'll give him a pass tonight. He was really, really good.

That was my only criticism of the game. He was superb otherwise.

OTT left door open then TOR defense lived up to expectations. Good teams exploit opportunities they are given. Cats did.

Agree 100%.

Jeremiah is Danny with wheels. So many people forget how much criticism he took for throwing INTs. If you look at his career stats, he threw more interceptions than touchdowns

If they never throw the ball to Banks again, he’s still worth keeping on the team for his down field blocking.