Kiss the 2018 Witches vol IV (Post game discussion)

We finally had a winning drive.
Don Unamba had a career game.
Mariel Cooper was awful.
Masoli with 2 INTs that were very poor decisions, and the goalposts had two assists on incomplete passes.
Chris Williams was playing well, until he suffered, IMHO, an Achilles injury.
Again, too many US college football plays from Coach Jones. Ak=ll were described in the PBP thread.
For some reason, we play Edmonton extremely well.
Hey - a win against the blew team in the Labour Day Classic would put us at .500.

Have to agree that Unamba was LIGHTS OUT in this game tonight!! And it was GLORIOUS to see a game winning drive actually result in a win instead of sacks, interceptions or turning the ball over on downs. They’ve had the opportunity to close out games before - Winnipeg, Sask, Calgary even - but have always managed to shoot themselves in the foot.

Have to give credit to the fans who finally got into the game and created some offense-disrupting noise especially late in the game when they really needed to get Reilly off the field.

A large female vocalist had already blown into her pitch pipe about to signal, pretty much, the end of all hope for this year’s TiCats and then, they managed, almost shockingly, to knock that monkey from their shoulders. Thanks guys for our first win, in 8 tries, coming off a bye week. You can’t imagine how much I appreciate not reading all the painful comments that I was expecting to see here post game. No question, there was an awful lot to complain about in tonight’s game (I’m sure we’ll get to that, later) but the finish could, should, be just what’s needed to turn this season around.;D
Holy mackinaw.

I had to work until 7:30 Alberta time tonight and all I can say is thank you to whoever invented the PVR. I just finished watching the game and my heart is beating faster than ever. I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow and lay into all the Eskimo fans.

Great win on #53 night.

That was my wife and me. Almost ripped the homemade handle off my real cowbell and my son bought my wife a big one at the Ticat store at the half…and for the first time she used a noisemaker.

We accept your thanks gracefully.

I have no voice left.

it was the loudest I’ve been at a game this year.

said it already, gonna say it again.

That Oskee Wee Wee contest between the two sets of stands really woke up the crowd. It was pretty cool hearing how loud one side of the stadium can be when the other is quiet, gives a bit of perspective as to what it might sound like at field level.

I liked the fact that we didn’t abandon the running game in the 3rd quarter.

That Masoli->Jones pass to dig us out from our own 5 yard line in the 4rth was huge.

Defence had ups and downs, but made some key stops when it mattered.

Great to see the team pull out a clutch win at home.

Nice to finally see some screens thrown to help counter the rush. It only took them half a season to figure that out.

Also nice to see them stick with the run game. Cats seem to win more often when they present a balanced attack.

We haven't had 8 byes since last labour day.

You’re right, Crash. My error. I was quoting, what I heard, or thought I heard, on TSN TV’s Sports Centre post game. Could it have been the Cats had won only 1 of their past 8 after bye weeks, prior to this one?

Banks was a treat to watch blocking in the fourth quarter. Tasker waited for the blocking to set up and even TSN noted that Banks was a key.

The agony of half time turned into the delight of :00 and a Win.

Once again though the field turf is a suspect in another injury. Williams ankle went out just as he starts from the line. TSN did a great job showing replays of the play. In fact their coverage was great throughout. I felt that Joe got his share of booth time, and the explanation about Bernie Custis’ role would help the new fan.

The noise level stayed high right to the end! Thanks to all the fans who not only stayed to the end, but played a big part in that “W”.

Oskee wee wee

HMMMM, 12 replies for a win and 5 pages for a loss.

Where is everybody?? ???

Outstanding comeback in a quasi must win game!
Some great performances in a team building type of win :slight_smile:

Like someone said " It’s not great, but 4 and 5 looks a whole lot better than 3 and 6."

An ugly win is better than a pretty loss.

The rage posters lose interest when we win. It’s most noticeable with the relative lack of new threads created after the game.

I was at the game and it was nice to see the defence shut the Shmows out in the second half. I don’t think I have ever seen a qb hit the goal post two times in a game. Mike Jones is really quick and he should spent time in front of a jugs machine. Great win and the crowd inspired the players. Nice half time adjustments. Was wondering why there were no shallow crossing patterns to defeat the blitz?

Damn! What a game to have to miss. Damn work! lol

Kudos to those of you who stayed and made the noise you did down the stretch. That undoubtedly helped with the win. I would have been right there with you screaming my lungs out. Heck I was yelling at the TV. So I give those there making noise at the end a huge amount of credit.

But it still gets under my craw that so many ‘fans’ were long gone before that great finish. Again several thousand long gone by the time of the comeback. Including the people who used my tickets. I texted them at the end of the game with a ‘Yay! What a finish!’. And their reply ‘Oh - did the Cats comeback to win?’. Last time they get my tickets for a game I can’t go to.

Also I couldn’t help but notice just before the big sack of Reilley in the last 2 minutes TSN cameras showed the crowd from 2 different cameras. One had Pigskin Pete waving his arms screaming and a few people around him were doing the same - but 3/4 of the people in the shot were just sitting there. Not clapping - not yelling. Some of them looking at Pigskin Pete with a sort of bemused look on their face.

Same scene from a second shot with a young kid waving his arms encouraging those around him to get up and make noise - but again most people in the shot basically sitting on their hands bemused looks towards the kid.

Come on people! Be fans!

Rant over - kudos to those of you who stayed and made noise like true fans. Well done! That was a huge win and you were a part of it.

If I have not much nice to say, I remain quiet.

We won…snatched victory from the jaws of defeat for a nice change.

This team still leaves me very unconfident. The same mistakes are being made every week, the fact they’re not learned from and corrected concerns me. This is far from a well oiled machine. Happy we won, but bigger issues still remain.

Green’s performance tonight bears mentioning.

Green was great tonight, speedy while not racking up yards played well and his blocking was unmatched. The O-line played much better giving JM time to make throws. There field position was better tonight as well. Good win and hope they can build some confidence and momentum off this.

Still irritates me when they throw that stupid hitch which never works. Once they started throwing down field they had success. Still not using Toliver correctly IMO.