Kiss the 2018 ESF /witches - Post-Game Thread

48-8. Didn’t see THAT one coming…

Awesome win. All phases of the game were clicking. They were prepared and motivated, and they performed. Excellent coaching and execution. Looking forward to the trip to Ottawa.

Agree 100%. So happy that I was wrong about this game before it started. Let's hope they carry this over to next week.

I agree with every word typed, so far, into this thread.
But, how could they have done that, with Jeremiah Masoli and June Jones? ::slight_smile:

Our special teams play was the best its been all year. Excellent coverage, and smart returns from Frankie Williams.

We ALL KNOW how incompetent they are!! :slight_smile: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Seriously - Jeremiah seems to be more comfortable with his "tossed-together" receiving corps and feels he can toss the ball down the field, I was MOST impressed with Addison and the way that he played. Almost as good as having Speedy B out there again!

And the D was AWESOME for sure- they were getting the turnovers and just having a blast out there! It's SO much more fun for the team when they're winning - and winning decisively.

Yes they need to bottle this energy and good play up and take it to Ottawa next week. They OWE the OTTRBs a loss!


Also helped that B.C. took so many needless penalties and their ball retention was just awful.

But, we’ll take it.

On to Ottawa.

Almost as good as having Speedy B out there again!

Next season, Speedy"B", Tasker, Saunders, Jones, and Speedy"A". :wink:

Played a complete game from start to finish, limited penalties, smart ball movement… I’m impressed!!

Do it again next week!

I liked seeing the defence forcing turnovers. In the later stages of the game you could see them trying to get the INTs, and that hasn’t always been a strength for them this year. Could pay off next week, assuming Harris finds the self confidence to start throwing passes beyond 8 yards.

Best played game by far this season. Addison was a beast, Tasker great as usual, Green and really the whole offence. D was lights out. Great team win. I was worried but hey its better to be wrong.

I don’t think that teams have felt any sympathy for us or felt any less accomplished about their game when the Ticats have had needless penalties and turned the ball over- ESPECIALLY the OTTRBs!
Nothing wrong with taking advantage of your opportunities! ;D

Absolutely - bottle up all of that focus, energy and good play ( and leave a penalty or two at home) and take it to the OTTRBs next week!


Kisses for everybody today, even the ugly witches.

Honestly bursting with anticipation for next week’s game. Since we blew that 16 point lead, all I’ve been saying is we’re gunna get our shot at Ottawa when it matters, and it’s gunna feel so good to send their fans home crying this time around. We’ve got some demons to ressurect next weekend, and I’m a firm believer.

Credit to the fans today and the Nature Boy, Tim Hortons Field was electric from start to finish. Easily one of my favourite games as a Cats fan, and I hope they don’t stop here.

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We know who Ottawa is, nothing left to say. I think this win would be sweeter than any thumping we’ve ever given the Argos.

Oskee Wee Wee - F*** the TwoColours ?

As I read it, Headshot Willis didn’t record a single stat - other than his kickoff. I’ll bet no one picked that in the pool.

Ironically, the only meaningful influence he had today is in the western semi, where SSK seems to be really missing Collaros.

Masoli was dialed in and played like MOP while Addison is a revelation following up last week’s brilliant performance with an equally brilliant performance this week. The defence probably played better today than at any point this season.

Neither did I. Good game today, Cats. Can you beat the RedBlacks? :slight_smile:

Another head shot on QB in Ssk game. Brutal. And refs missed it!

The RR sure did miss Collaros. I'd say their chances would have been better with him than without - especially with such a close game. Not feeling sorry at all for the RRs though!

... and That is the comment from our friend, the slow one....

another head shot in the Ssk game.