Kiss the 2006 Season goodbye..

If this continues, we wont' be contending for a playoff spot very shortly!

The team is lame, the Defense is terrible and we can't get anywhere! The Stampeders made it look easy last night and I didnt' even watch the game! I had a feeling it would get to this! sheesh.

Keith needs to go.

Mitchell needs to go..

Davis Needs to go (eddie)

Shivers needs to go, FAST!

Finally, an intelligent thought.

its 4 games into the season? lol when we are below 500 come 9 games into the season ill start to worry.

Its not like its the first time in ages this is happening man!.. this is historically repetitive.. the Riders always do this.

yea, they awalys seem to start slow, you are right cflisthebest but, they also "historically" bounce back, they have the last what 6 years? Calm down. Why does eddie davis have to go? i thouhgt he had a solid game...

But doesn't it bug you to watch your team start slow, and then you have to worry about them making the playoffs, by barely squeaking in the last couple of games in the year? I just get nervous having to watch shit like that. (like the edmonton oilers this year)

Then you better start taking some pills this year to calm to down.

I agree with all of those but keith (kenton)

and I think Joseph should go and crandell should be 1st strng

IT is not time to start nailing the panic button yet. The Riders have what, a whole 3 games under their belt this season, with a revamped offense in some key positions. Give them a little more time to gel before you start dooming the entire organization.

The defense put in a lackluster effort this past weekend and because of this fact the Riders got spanked by a team that just 1 week ago, barely got by Hamilton. There is no let them gel excuse for a defensive squad who has been playing together for at least 2 to 3 years. The defense played very poor football for which there is no excuse. My only hope is that Richie Hall lites a fire under their asses before this weekend.

Give it till week seven and if the Riders go 1 and 5 then good luck hitting the panic button because I will be there hitting it.

Note: Hamilton pulled the trigger on firing Greg Marshall. When was the last time you ever saw a Head Coach fired in Regina mid way through the season? I think it was mid 80's when it happened to Faragelli.

I also think Crandell should be your first string. Then you can really kiss the season good bye. Every year with him in Calgary was hell. Every QB this team has cut since Crandell left was better than Crandell.