Kiss or burn the witches thread (as appropriate)

Hi folks,

I doubt I will be able to post for the rest of the evening due to a previous engagement, so please fill this thread with your post-game analysis in the appropriate tone. :smiley:

It we will be kissing witches as I write this. LOL

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Stop dressing only one running back. It's stupid. Every other team in the league dresses two.

Good lessen not for our team. Don't quirt until a full 60 minutes is played...I am not a happy camper tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!

Yep. Team fell asleep in the 4th.

So similar to the game in MTL, where they blew a 14 point lead in the final 5 minutes. This time it was 13. That's back-to-back collapses in key games against the two teams we have to beat to finish on top. Very disappointing to see it happen again.

…many talking points in regards to the game’s post mortem, from Sinkfield’s show-boating negating any chance for a TD on his run-back, to TO’s 1st TD that was served to them on a platter with a string of Ticat penalties on that one drive, to not dressing a back-up RB for Madu but, at the end of the day, Ticats’ much vaunted defence, when you needed them most, could not keep TO of that score sheet late in the 4th allowing 14 crucial points - Ticats’ D bent soo much it broke…twice…so much for prevent defence when holding a lead late in the game.

Some random thoughts:

  1. Hard to think of it this way, but this is why we all love the CFL. Exciting, unpredictable games where no lead is safe.

  2. Ricky Ray showed again tonight why he is still the best QB in the league (and has been for years), until proven otherwise.

  3. Luke Tasker redeemed himself after dropping the easy TD pass last week. He only had a few catches, but they were all spectacular.

  4. I thought Austin's challenge on the Bakari non-catch was a little puzzling, as we all know that the receiver must survive contact with the ground. On the other hand, he might have had better luck if he'd challenged the Madu fumble, as Madu barely had the ball in his grasp before it came out.

  5. Nice of the officials to allow the Argos to take their punting team off the field and put the offence back on without incurring a time-count violation. (I take it back if Toronto called a time-out - hard to tell from my vantage point.)

  6. I was actually happy when Owens scored the TD because I had no doubt they'd score on that drive (it's just the way things were going), and at least this meant we'd get the ball back with some time left to mount one last drive for a field goal. Little did I know ...

  7. I really think this game will be a valuable learning experience that will make us a better team. The defence learned that they are not quite "all that" yet, despite recent billing. The offence learned that they can score TDs, but still need to score more. (And we can only hope that the coaches have learned some obvious lessons.)

  1. They showed a nice tribute to Al Bruno at the Skydome. It focused on his two years as an Argo, but also mentioned his success as a Ticats head coach. (Perhaps the only classy thing they did all night. It still annoys me that they refuse to show replays unless it's a good play for the Argos. Hamilton fans pay for their tickets too.)
  1. As unlikely as this is, I'd love to see a scenario where the Ticats and Argos tie their next game, end up tied in the standings at the end of the season, and somehow we win the tiebreaker on whatever criteria comes next given that we'd have the exact same points for and against in head-to-head games. That would make Milanovich kick himself for not trying a field goal at the end of this game.

  2. Live by the sword, die by the sword. When your team shows a penchant for winning most games by only 1 or 2 points, inevitably we're going to lose some by that same margin. We really need to work on our killer instinct.

If the season ended right now, the first 5 tie-breaking rules wouldn't break the HAM/TOR tie to determine 1st Place. On #6, -- Higher net aggregate points in games played against all member clubs of the Division -- TOR (+25) would get it over HAM (+3).

I am heartbroken after last night’s loss.

This team had so many chances, both with the offense and defense, to put away that other group. But the same old problems keep coming up; namely penalties, turnovers, immaturity and that lack of a killer instinct.

Hamilton had drive stops, possessions, even touchdowns cancelled because of the above. For the last several games, they managed to escape the consequences of such issues until last night, when it mattered most.

Tiger cats had a platinum opportunity with this last game to make life so much better for themselves and their fans (my stress level went through the roof), and this loss may come back to haunt them by season’s end.

I am disappointed on so many levels.

But not hopeless.

8) They obviously didn't learn their lesson from that Montreal game. :oops:
  No killer instinct still !!  We could have basically wrapped up first place with a victory.
   As past history has shown, we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot, and make it hard for ourselves !!

   Hopefully they have learned their lesson, this time !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

   We shall see how they respond to this debacle, in the game next week against Ottawa.  That  won't be a walk in the
    park either.

I didn't hear an announcement of a timeout, but TSN did show a graphic on their score bug saying "Timeout - TOR".

I missed the collapse as I was in the subway and could not listen to the CHML feed. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper! We need to dress two halfbacks so that we have some insurance with injuries and retain the capacity to close games out with the running game!

Oski Wee Wee,


I can accept being beaten by a better opponent. But to beat yourselves with such a lack of focus and execution in such an important game is what is so frustrating.

I am told that this is the youngest team in the CFL. We're in the closing stretch of the season. They better starting learning at a MUCH faster rate.

Yes they called timeout with 3:47 left but I thought I heard a whistle blowing the play in and then they made the switch and it took a good 40 seconds until the ball was snapped. I did not feel we were prepared for the play. Also, I was surprised we did not call timeout on our last offensive play (the bad snap). I was yelling at the tv, call a timeout, guess Austin did not hear me. :x

The only thing KA hears is the voice that says tro da bawl, tro da bawl