Kirk Penton's Insider Say: New HC this Month

"But one of my guys who’s tapped into all of the gossip says Noel Thorpe will be interim head coach in Montreal before the end of this month and Danny Maciocia will be their head coach next year ..."

More Als stuff from Insider Say:

"We’re hoping Montreal beats B.C., but that’s probably a (bleeping) dream. (Kevin) Glenn is too old. That’s why (Rakeem) Cato is going to start, and they have too many other old guys on that Als team whose best days are long gone."

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Why would Maciocia takes this on ? I'm having a hard time buying into this crap but Maciocia is the only guy who Thorpe might stick around for and Maciocia is the only guy who would keep Calvillo as OC.

All I can say is Maciocia assures continued mediocrity.

If Maciocia comes back I'm not following this team anymore.

Having said that, this is Penton the Hack. I'll take his rumor-mongering with a grain of salt.

If Maciocia were to be named Head Coach it would certainly test my being a true fan of the team. I watched the Carabins game on the weekend and he still has that ridiculous sidelines body language.

The Penton column is fun gossip to read but you have to take with a grain of salt. However if there is a local group purchasing the team, such as the one mentioned yesterday, Maciocia could be a distinct possibility.

Well its not his rumors. He's just reporting the internal league gossip. I can see Popp heading to Toronto and Barker going over to take over the GM position in Saskatchewan. He lives in Calgary. CFL is run like a "house league".

Frankly playing "the race card" is the only thing Wetenhall has left.

Well, I’ve already stopped being a Canadiens fan on account of the racist nonsense with Subban getting traded. It won’t be much trouble to stop following the Als if they continue down the road they’re on.

Stuff like this is why I don’t miss living in Montreal at all.

I don't want to turn this into a hockey thread but the Subban racism angle makes no sense to me. PK was the most popular player in Montreal since Patrick Roy. If anything it is that popularity that got him traded. I haven't been a Habs fan since the day they named Rejean Houle the GM. Still remember sitting at the bar at the Airport in TO when they rolled that fool out.

You trade a star black d-man in his prime for an older, white version of the same player on a substantially worse contract with no other assets coming back, it's absolutely racism. Subban outperforms Weber already on a metrics front, and that's on a worse team. There was absolutely no reason to make this move, none. Except that the men running the team are polite racists, Therrien in particular. At least the Roy trade, you could see they were trying to get assets back and rebuild. The Subban trade is nonsensical except for the racism. If PK is white he's still in Montreal today. And that's really all I'll say about it. I don't want to derail the thread.

I see it more as an act of "control" over a player who had become bigger than the team. The Habs are a team without stars. A brand and anything that casts a shadow over that brand is eliminated. Roy was the same thing. Tremblay wanted him out at all cost. This is basically the same dynamic IMO.

PK has a true love for the city of Montreal and it puts a smile on my face that with every selfless and altruistic act he thumbs Molson right in the eyes :slight_smile:

Respectfully disagree. I do see lots of racism in sports and the world, some overt and some perhaps unintentional/unconscious; and whichever type, I think that played a huge role in why some opponents reacted so negatively to PK's "brashness". But I see the trade as about personalities, team-building theory and on-ice style ... not race. A pigment change would not have kept PK in Bleu, blanc et rouge if he was the same person with the same skills and style.

I agree, and wouldn't support such a decision. But if it comes to pass I hope to be wrong.