Kiries Hebert !?

I think there is also the option of Bekasiak/Mullinder on the d-line.

Ah yes, you're right. With Hunt-Montgomery at one tackle spot and Bekasiak-Mullinder at the other, we have a battle between Akra, Hopkins, Ihekwoaba, Lemmens, and Murrell for that rush end spot opposite Bowman. I'm hoping J.P. is ready to become a difference-maker on that defensive line. If he can step up, it gives us a lot of flexibility with our Canadians players on defense (Brouillette, Boulay, Emry, Hecht, Dublanko, Ridgeway, plus some of the new faces like Towsend, Michael Carter, and Ruttan).

Has never been mentionned that Chip Cox will regularly play safety. On April 13,2012, Reinebold told Herb that "the Als are contemplating,on occasion, playing strong-side linebacker Chip Cox at safety" "This defence allows the interchanging of parts" "Look at Chip. He can play at a high level. What are his strengths and weaknesses. We want to limit his weaknesses and play to his strengths."


There is also Ihakwoaba, and Adebayo