Kiries Hebert !?


Am being told by source #Als have released MLB Ramon Guzman, RE Kitwana Jones, DB Greg Laybourn and have signed Kyries Hebert

Looks like management made some decisions during mini-camp...

If accurate, definitely not surprised with release of Kitwana Jones and Greg Laybourn; definitely surprised with release of Ramon Guzman. Health issues? Off -fields issues? Dollar issues?
With regards to Kyries Hebert, I don't expect much from him. Probably won't make the team.

Richard also posting the news as a 'maybe''. I'll miss Razor Ramon. :frowning:

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I guess it`s true about Hebert, his agent has tweeted the news.

I can`t say I understand releasing Guzman, why not at least let him fight it out at training camp?

Wow, Guzman getting released is a shocker! I guess Reinebold must have seen something he disliked early on. This clears up our LB picture a bit, since I doubt Hebert is going to be anything but a TC body.

on a completely unrelated topic today is the 5 year anniversary of Tony Proudfoot's ALS diagnosis. Just needed to fit that in somewhere. Thanks.

Why on earth would you want to commemorate the 'anniversary' of Mr. Proudfoot being diagnosed with a terrible disease that ultimately claimed his life? :? :cry:

Tony should have a sticky IMO.

Thinking the same thing. If anyone of of the LB's goes down in TC that leaves one less experienced LB.
One the flip side, gives an opportunity for someone else to step up.

Well, from the player's point of view, it's better to be cut now so you have a chance of catching on somewhere else. From the team's point of view, Reinebold must have seen something (performance, attitude, health?) that put Guzman substantially behind the rest of the linebackers. I'm going to trust the coaches on this one.

As for letting Ramon compete in TC due to injury, we are absolutely stacked at linebacker. It's the position of least need at the moment. Between Cox, Ferri, Emry, Brouillette, Restelli, Davis, Woods, and Surla, we have more than enough talent to fill up the starting spots AND still have quality backups waiting in the wings should injury strike.

I, too, am taken aback about the release of Ramon. It is true that he had his ups and downs, but I think he did admirably, considering that he essentially was the starter for others on the IRL. He appeared to be in on every play and was one of the names I heard most making stops last season, when we had great difficulty getting stops. I sure hope that the LBs we have will be more than able to get the job done.

I am hoping that the decision was not made solely on the basis of the mini camp. IMO, that is not nearly enough upon which to base a decision to keep or release a player. Like others in this string, I believe there were other factors coming into play - salary cap, perhaps off-field issues, an assessment that the Als are strong and have depth at the postion...

So, it will be a quite different look on D in 2012. Looking forward to TC and the season!

Of that list, hopefully Emry will be back and symptom free.

Don't know why KH was picked up?

He's a special team demon. Hits like a truck and while he's 30 now, he's got outside linebacker size and very good football instincts. When he came into the league he was more of a Safety but over time he's gotten bigger. He's one of Greg Marshall's all time favorite player. He's very much like Restelli a swiss army knife.

While he had a major fight with his wife years ago, he's done nothing but good in his native Louisiane siince then.

I'm loving the way our defense is shaping home. This is going to be one hell of a hard hitting defense and our ST will be much improved.

Yep, I remember Hebert hitting like a freight train on ST back when he was with Ottawa. Guy can play when his head's in the game, and 30 isn't that old for a linebacker. If his sheet's been clean since the trouble with his wife a few years ago, I have no problem with him coming aboard. Everyone deserves a second chance.

For the record Hebert will be 32 in Oct.

I can only surmise that Reinebold is looking for blitzing LBs and DBs and Guzman does not fit that mold. Don`t think it had anything to do with character, contract or injury.

Ok so he's 31 not 30 sorry.

He's the same age as Davis,Hunt,Parker. Not a big deal, he's in great shape and hasn't had any major injuries. Chip Cox will be playing Safety and our DB's are fast. I am not worried. I can't wait to see what the Red Zone defense is going to look like.

Do we know for certain that Cox is playing safety full-time? I have only heard the rumor that he might play safety in certain situations. I have a hard time seeing who could do as good a job as Chip at SAM backer, frankly.

I can also see Hebert as a potential safety. He played the position in Wpg. What is clear from a previous Popp interview is that it is going to be an American position and not Boulay.

Isn't Hebert a bit heavy to be a safety now? On the import safety switch, I'm surprised, I guess. They'll have to start a Canadian at SAM or WILL (Brouillette, maybe, with Boulay backing him up?) for ratio reasons. As well, they must be confident that Emry has recovered, because he would be the 7th NI starter (5 O-linemen, Brouillette, Emry).