Kings of the CFL

Best team in the cfl hands down. Is there any more debate at this point?

I really liked how they put Roberts in his place when it mattered. Stop after stop near the goal line. Wicked!

I never understood why they try Roberts in that situation. That is where you need a good big fullback, or a QB sneak. Taking only 3 on our first drive really killed us IMO

The first drive was a broken play--bad timing on the exchange.
The second one was Roberts getting the first down--or close--but trying to score.
Can't fault him, but the play did what it was supposed to do.
And Roberts has been money inside the 5 his entire career, but what the hey, why give the ball to your best player....

IMO, the Lions season record is a little deceptive, of those 10 wins 5 were by a touchdown or less. In all those cases, it was the other team beating themselves with turnovers, penalties or defesnive lapses that gave the Lions the victories.
The Lions are 10-3-1, but they could just as easily be 5-8-1 if the other teams don't beat themselves. Just a little food for thought for the some of the Lion blowhards who regularly troll here.

Fans cheering for their home teams are good for the CFL. They should be proud of success. Nothing wrong with that.

Besides BC, other teams have lucky or narrow victories too. For years, BC has been winning consistently by forcing errors and fewer penalties. That is no fluke.

Now you're crying because the Leos make fewer mistakes and take fewer penalties than "other teams*"? and more importantly, are able to take advantage of "other teams*" miscues, while "other teams*" aren't able to do the same?


IMO, that is what makes the Lions the winners they are, and "other teams*" the...

  • "other teams" = Saskatchewan

That has to be the post of the year. The fact we're 10-3-1 with our third-string QB means either we're just that good, or everyone is really that bad. We win timely and we win often. I look at it the other way, with either DD or JJ playing the entire season we could be 13-1 or 14-0.

Wishful thinking. The Riders could just as easily say "with Eddie Davis playing the entire season, our secondary wouldn’t have given up so many points and we would be 12-2 or 13-1. Ifs don’t matter.

Lions are a solid team, no doubt. But they are very beatable and have been dominant in only a few games. They are in first overall and that makes them the top team in the league but it won’t surprise me if they win the Grey Cup or if they lose before getting there. What I will agree with is that if anyone is to beat them, it will take a complete effort.

If the Lions are ‘very beatable’, I’m not sure what that makes the rest of the league.

I’ll be honest, I’m much more impressed with the Lions this season than last, even with our Grey Cup last year. Wally should definetly be up for coach of the year, having his team 10-3-1 with all the bumps in the road they’ve had to endure.

A very impressed Lions fan indeed. Getting my Western Final tickets very soon.

The fact is in football that any team can beat any team on any given day. There are so many little things that make up a game and altering a few sometimes makes the difference.

Another fact is that regardless of how well the Lions do, there will always be some sour puss popping off and trying to minimize what the Lions have done.

There are a number of games by all teams that were close, thats football over an entire season. Something you fail to point out is that the Lions only lost one game by a missed fieldgoal and another where they were in great position for a field goal until a penalty pushed them back. Those were close and with a touch of luck could have added 2 more W's to the Lions, but thats how it goes.

End of the day the Lions are the first place team (with a small cushion too) and defending cup champs. You can blow hot air all day but thats all that matters when the dust settles.

Amen brother. Lions 4 life.

I think any fans making comments about the Lions not being invimcible in their abilities are doing so simply to counter the incredible egotistical Lion fans insisting that their Lions are invincible.

Exactly. Its interesting how a normally good Lion poster (hwgill) takes offence to my first post. RLR, BC4life and weasel, keep blowing the hot air-- remember it takes only one bad game to waste a whole season, if you dont believe me just ask the NY Yankees or the 1989 Edmonton Eskimos-- who went 16-2 only to lose in the West final.

The fact of the matter is, being the best comes with a price. We’re always going to have to deal with people trying to bring us down, make us worried, or make us think twice about our sheer dominance and greatness. If that’s the price you have to pay for being the best, I’ll pay it.

You guys made Winnipeg look silly.

Good game.

oh my. How do you get your head through the door?

...probably when you start out life as a microcephalic it's a little easier to deal with a temporary ego boost....

......and the purpose of that post is????....

One of two options, Red:

  1. to increase a post count, or
  2. to prove conceit.