King Congi

Luca Congi signs two year extension with the Riders.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have signed kicker Luca Congi to a two-year and an option contract extension. Financial details of the signing were not released.
Good for the Riders. I've always been a fan of Congi and I'm glad we're getting him back. He may not have the strongest leg in the league and he did get off to a rocky start this year but he's always played pretty decently in my books and, more importantly, made the field goals when we needed them.

I guess this will put an end to any speculation about Paul McCallum coming back.

Luca was just named special teams player of the month. He's young and dedicated - I don't think we could go wrong with extending his contract.

I am guessing Boreham will be getting that same 2 year extension? They are great as a tandem but it would be nice to have one kicker do it all, and have an extra roster spot. Hopefully Boreham is teaching him the art of punting.

Don't get me wrong here, I am VERY happy to have Congi back in Green and White for 2 more years.

I would doubt that Boreham is going to get the same extension. Boreham has done some good intangible things, but he still is not the best punter in the world

Good news!

I think Boreham was the player of the game in Edmonton.......He may not be the best punter, but he is smart, and puts his body on the line for tackles ect........I hope the Riders resign him

I like Boreham's physical part of the game he does tackling and like how he runs and punts or goes for the 1st down marker, this could really help the Riders come playoffs, i just don't like his distance he gets would be nice to have a 45 or 46 yard average does not punt very well into the wind either.

Congrats to King Congi on the extension AND for STP of Sept.
Not a PK in the league i'd rather have on the Riders than Congi.

Why is their so much Boreham bashing, The only thing he didn't do in EE was throw for 6.......GAWWWED

42.5 adequate when 11 other guys and Reed on the same page.

He's a Solid tackler, up-field and last line of D .Second only to Prefontaine for toughness and aggression.
smart when he wants to tuck and run.
Can Rugby-kick left and right footed.
there are Tones of positives with Boreham. Just WAY Too much biaching from his detractors though.

I Hope the Riders sign Boreham to an extension also.