Kinda Silent Around here?

hmm not much news, no caretaker update, smitty blog, signings or anything no press releases either.. meh its a dull world i know that but theres usually somthing to read about the cats these days

Use the lull in action and do some spring cleaning.....I


Have a wonderful Day, get busy! :wink:

No news can be good news. I would get more worried if we were getting caretaker updates etc. left, right and centre as that could very well indicate someone is trying to make us believe something that ain't. Quietness can be good. I just wish that the television would get rid of the play by play announcers when the play is on so we could hear the action of the game. Again, good quietness. But I doubt we'll see that unfortunately. :frowning:

well, even though CFL rules. NHL playoffs are nothing to sneeze at. I dont mind CFL taking a back seat for a couple of months a yr.

There was quite a bit of news last week and Im sure even more in the next few weeks with all the community blitz.

I think I can relate to what you are saying, Blitz. Its that time of year when we're all chomping at the bit to get on with the season.

Its been a long winter and with the current weather, getting longer all the time.

I find myself waiting daily for news around the CFL, especially from TiCat World, but there just isn't much to report at this stage.

Keep the faith, baby! Its coming!

Mikey, I find it difficult to work with all these things on my mind, but nevertheless, I've done a lot of cleaning up myself.

This is one of the things the league is slowly SLOWLY improving at but has a long LONG way to go.

Having the shortest season and longest offseason in professional sports league is definitely a problem. Your casual fan (not the few thousand who visit this site)... are pretty much left in the dark before SUPRISE... the league's players have played musical chairs and whoops... Ottawa is gone.

The league has to look into developing offseason content for itself. We the more devoted fans can sit here and complain day in and out about the media's apathy... but I think the onus is on the league to generate news (GOOD NEWS) through creative offseason content.

The NFL does this albeit they have their own specialty station.

The CFL needs, events, exhibitions... maybe a prospects tournament... anything to keep Canadian football on the minds of Canadians between December and June.

NHL? Didn’t the NHL season end Sunday, when the Isles won that shootout? :?

no, that's when the party began.

...lucky the Habs gave Leafs fans something to be happy about for a change.....otherwise they'd be complaining and whining like they always do!!!
It's always good to donate to charity!!!


What have Leaf fans got to be unhappy about - they were one point better this year than last. A few more years of that kind of improvement, and they might get to participate in the playoffs.