Kinda Sad Aint it...

The dam NFL, theres so much talent that just sit on their asses and get paid a ton by the NFL, when they could be all star starters in the CFL…alot of them were all stars in the CFL and go up to the NFL to get paid a ton. In the last few years the bombers have lost a few alone including Jon Ryan and Mike Sellers… Although i guess ryan is sucessful in the NFL but aton are just backups… Another good example is Casey Printers

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it is true, but sellers was in the NFL before he was CFL. i agree, even worse is NFL europe.

I think most people understood that Mike would return to the NFL,he's a spectacular player. I also think he enjoyed his time here as much as we enjoyed watching him.

don't forget how we got screwed over with Bruce if he never went to NFL he'd still be with bombers and Bolden he is also missed as much as Sellers