kinda interesting

first 12 games were 50-50, but the last seven games all won by home teams. How long will the streak continue? stay tuned

...well, my Pro-Line ticket says the streak continues for at least two more games

Here's an interesting stat I didn't think about since I read it somewhere; Edmonton and B.C. are 0-6 between the two against other teams and 1-1 against each other. Curious to see where these two are in the standings come Labour day. Hamilton has a win and a loss in games with Winnipeg and are also 0-3 against other teams. Having said that, Winnipeg and Hamilton play back to back games this week and next, so it will be a curious note also to see where the standings sit in the East from second spot down leading up to Labour day too. :expressionless:

I noticed that, as well. Doesn't exactly bode well for either team. :lol:

I think the Esk's actually have a talent full roster It's just coaching that's the problem . on the other hand BC has a lack of on field talent but a strong coaching staff. If the Esk's can make some coaching changes we should be able to salvage this season.