Kind of weird, no?

Has this off-season seemed weird to anyone else? Tillman signs a couple mediocre receivers, doesn’t do much in free agency, releases a bunch of players, trades two draft picks to Winnipeg for a long snapper… I’m sure there are other things I’m forgetting.

I’m not entirely sure what to think of this off-season so far… :expressionless:

Finding it kind of strange, but none the less I'm looking forward to the draft and best of all; Training Camp on June 5th. :smiley:

is trading two picks for a long snapper surprising? sounds very weird to me.

do they have a bigger role than tey do in the NFL?

That trade seemed a little strange to me... And Tillman continues with the strange dealings. We just gave Sask Tristan Jackson for a prospect.

Tillman isn't still taking pain killers, is he? :expressionless:

Sounds like of the GM's down here that outsmart even themselves... :?

The next thing ET will do is trade Z to my Argos.
A much needed deal for a much needed QB.

I expect one or two more trades to come considering the activity so far.

But a QB trade doesn't make sense. ...of course, much of this off-season hasn't made sense. :lol: If we traded Zabransky, we'd definitely need to bring in another QB with CFL experience. We can't go with Matt Nichols. And I don't wanna sign one of the recycled guys... Bishop, Joseph, Printers, etc.

What I should have included in my last post is I don't think it will involve Zabransky in any trade either, I hope not.

Trading away 2 draft picks for Inglis who we released last year sure reminds me of our old GM :frowning:

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I had the exact same thought…

I guess the other way of looking at this is that Tillman is correcting an error. He wasn’t responsible for the dumping of Inglis before.

If we agree that 1/3 of a team’s success is special teams then it is important to have a solid guy who handles the ball the most. Not a glam position but critical.

This is true. You can't blame Tillman, though I don't like giving up two picks (late rounds or not) for a long snapper.

Bertrand was a college QB I can't see why he can't learn to long snap or anyone else that would have saved us a couple draft picks, granted they were late picks but so was Tom Brady.