Kind of new to CFL rules

I recently just started watching and following the CFL and have become a fan on the Ticats. I just had a few questions on how the rules worked. (I live in the US)

I noticed the Ticats have signed a bunch of players, does that mean they are officially on the team? Also, I know the CFL rosters only allows like 40 something roster spots so are the guys they just recently signed guaranteed a spot? Or can they sign as many guys as the want in the off-season?

Signing them usually gets them to training camp. Like the NFL, you make it or break it in camp and the pre-season games. Also like the NFL, if you don’t make the active roster, you may be placed on the practice squad .

If you want your kid to have a career in pro football, teach him/her to be a long snapper . L P Ladoucer, the 39 year old Canadian, has played for the Cowboys for 14 years .

Pat Lynch (the old Canadian guy)

Here's a very handy reference guide:

No player in any professional sports league is guaranteed a spot on the team unless they produce. No matter the pay. Also… every pro sports league in the world has a camp before the season to decide that year’s team.

The closest thing to having a guaranteed roster spot was the NFL Europe, as about 80-90% of the players were NFL property and sent to the league by their respective NFL team. But those guys could still get cut if their talent dropped enough in camp or during the season.