This crew has to be the worst crew the CFL !!

Is there a basis for this post? Or is this just tossing a hand grenade into a room to see what body parts fly out?

of course there is a basis. His team lost.

I don't know, but I'd say td23 is the worst topic starter...


Is there ANY official in the CFL that someone doesn't like? I'm thinking NO!!

The only thing I dislike about the reffing in the CFL is the amount of leeway they give Brandon Brown-noser.It's ridiculous how much this guy get's away with game in and game out and if you watched the highlight package they showed of him last night, about all but one of those highlights were illegal clutches or grabs.While he got pegged with a couple last night (cue the halo and the "me sir?why whateva do you mean?") he could've and should've got pegged with a couple more.He was my most hated CFL player coming into the season and nothing's changed.He must be in tight with Jake Ireland and the entire reffing gang.

No, Andre Proulx is the worst ref in the CFL.

Agreed, but I still don't see the point of this thread.

I'm never shy about complaining about officiating, but at least a reason or a specific call would be nice as a starting point.

This thread strikes me as whining for its own sake.

Just my thoughts. :?

Yeah, you're probably right. I can think of a lot of reasons why the Tiger-Cats lost last night before getting to officiating. Were the refs great? No. Were they the reason Hamilton lost? No. I guess some people just have to find something to blame.

I will totally agree , He just has this Glee in his voice whenever he announces a call against the Esks and if it's on a big play his feet are bouncing around like he's doing an Irish Jig. Yes I am bias. :lol:

I'm biased too. I'm pretty sure he hates the Cats too.

Everybody thinks Proulx hates their team. He's just that bad, so it seems like he hates everyone.

He hates everyone equally. I do agree, he is the worst and I cringe when I see he is doing the game.