Killing Time

Had some time to kill this morning so I played around with the stats, just wanted to see what would happen if you compared time of possession for each team to points for and against, here is what you get

Offence points scored per minute

Montreal .995
Calgary .911
BC .875
Wpg .875
Tor .815
Edm .695
SSK .664
Ham .615

Defence points allowed per minute

Tor .661
Cal .705
Edm .723
SSK .729
Wpg .868
Mtl .891
Ham .940

Feel free to add some of your own useless bits of information......there seems to be enough of it floating around now to fill up a thread........

Geez Piggy.......You are definately bored waiting for the season to start! :wink: Just over a month to go.

Someone has too much time on his hands.....keep this up and we'll have the same detailed statistics like they do in baseball (like so-and-so has an average of .315 on afternoon games when it's sunny and the wind is from the east at 9km and he had wheaties for breakfast).

Which reminds me of a mindless trivia question....there are two men in the Baseball Hall of Fame who never (a) played the game (b) coached or managed a team (c) owned a team or (d) were never sporstcasters or broadcasters or writers.......can you name them?

Although not members of the hall of fame, Abbott and Costello are featured in the museum.

The Hall of Fame guardians? :stuck_out_tongue: Irish bog mummy who is credited for invented the leather ball and Theodore Roosevelt because he could kick a$$ one.......

Abbott and Costello is the correct answer! Well done roughyfan the sole NHL Hall of Fame inductee who never saw a Stanley Cup game......

I really wanna say Lord Stanley himself just cause of the irony, but I honestly have no idea if that's right or not..... I guess I just did say it tho, so I don't have to want to anymore, which is kinda neat.

Piggy that was a good post and these stats reflect more of what igoing on last year. Good job!

I thought you might like the results of that one........

Actually it gives a better view of the offense and defense of each team. Mind you again oinjuries can play a part of these stats but over all it gives someone a good look at what happened. Good work!

PE is just bored cuz I haven't been on here to lighten things up with my entusiasim, bad spelling, and general aura.

perfect KK.......fits the thread.......


Jesus, when I'm at a computer board I'm dangerous.

no, no, I mean can say what ever is on your mind in here......really

that isn't really a good thing, cuz right now I'm thinking somethint that starts with an A and ends with a T.

everybody knows what I'm talking about by now.

KK…let her fly…

but I have already said enough abuot that, when Finals are over, I make one last attempt a my secord rule proposal, that will give us something to talk about.

......Lord Stanley is the correct answer.......