Killing time with the win

Let's run the ball in the 3rd to kill time with the wind. Can't throw it. Another fumble. Season up in smoke


Austin showed no confidence whatsoever in Mathews with that timid offensive game plan.

But that's to be expected when you jettison an experienced LeFevour for an inexperienced rookie.

LeFevour wanted a chance to start, and wanted more money than Austin was willing to pay. He didn't "jettison" him in any way.

Disagree. Sounds like he was jettisoned to me. Collaros is not making making big, starter QB money.

You need an experienced back up QB. Starters go down all the time.

Regardless if one considers LeFevour jettisoned ( he's not starting anywhere BTW), you need an experienced backup QB IMO.

reminds me of when Dunnigan was our QB, got hurt, never played again, i believe the Cats won 1 more game that year.

With the lead at the end, a little disappointed the D couldnt get one more stop or the O couldnt get at least 1 first down in their last 2 possessions.

Unforgivable to not call a time out and lose a down as well as stop the clock. Matthews gave the game away. Call him Mr turnover!

I guess you missed the replay where Sinkfield was trying to call a TO before the snap...

I guess he was telling Matthews, Call a Time Out !

Other then Kevin Glenn, the Cats have not had a backup QB that could come into a game and deliver.

Captain, my Captain. While I'm not a Lefevour fan myself, give the guy a break. He CAN'T start ANYWHERE. Major shoulder surgery tends to do that to a QB.

bull, he was trying to do it himself.

Ah yes, when Dunigan got hurt. Just to refresh your memory the year was "96",and yes Dunigan never did play another game. The Cats actually won more than 1 more game that year. The team actually wound up going 4-2 with Dunigan at the controls and went 4-8 the rest of the way that season to wind up at 8-10 on the year. The young unknown QB by the way that led the Cats the rest of that season to that 4-8 record ? Some young nobody named Calvillo who we picked up from some team called the Posse. As I recall he never amounted to much of anything and was basically ran out of town the next season with fans saying get rid of him !! HE'S A BUM !!!!HE STINKS !!!! He only lasted another 17 yrs in this league,and the rest as we say is history. So I guess if yer comparing Mathews to Calvillo than I guess he's in good company. The kids had one start for Gods sake, ONE !!!! Lets get behind him and give him at least a fighting chance before throwing him under the bus....much like we did with a young Calvillo so many years ago. :roll:

:thup: :thup:
8) bobo8224, It was actually Ron Lancaster that ran Cavillo out of town !!
 When Lancaster took over the HC job here, the first thing he did was release Cavillo  !!

  Granted he had Danny Mac coming in, but he could have kept AC and brought him along under his guidance !!

   Just goes to show that even some great QB's, and coaches make bad judgement calls !!   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Good point, bobo. I seem to remember Calvillo was never accused of being a great scrambler either. Didn't seem to hamper his progress as a player too much.

Yes sadly it was Lancaster who cut him adrift saying the reason was that in his estimation he would NEVER become a #1 QB in this league. The "Little General" didn't make very many mistakes in judgement while he was here but sadly cutting loose a young Calvillo after the "97" season was one of his few mistakes that I can think of of. :cry:

To be fair to the Great Lancaster, Calvillo was a free agent at the end of '97 and the Cats didn't have a lot of cash at the time. All Lancaster did, was bring in Danny Mac who lead the team to a 12-5-1 record and a Grey Cup appearance in '98.
Who knew what Calvillo had in him? He didn't light it up here, so who in their right mind could blame Coach Lancaster?

Sorry Tipper, I missed your Danny Mac reference.

Could someone correct the spelling in the title? It's misleading...should read "wind" not "win"

Calvillo was recognized as being a potential great even when he was playing for Las Vegas, which is a big part of why Hamilton picked him first overall in the '95 dispersal draft.

But due to a number of factors, by the end of '97, the bloom was off the rose. Calvillo had taken a lot of beating in the pocket (including time with the same offense that produced Matt Dunigan’s career-ending injury), and the fickle Hamilton fanbase was merciless. When Lancaster took over, he brought his own guy in McManus, and Calvillo badly needed a change of scenery. Lancaster releasing Calvillo wasn’t a matter of Lancaster failing to see potential, it was Lancaster recognizing that in that place and time, Calvillo wasn’t going to fit.

People seem to forget that Calvillo didn’t leap directly into the starting QB role in Montreal, he backed up Tracy Ham for a couple of years. And when he eventually did take the reigns, the transition was eased by the fact Montreal had a dominant rushing attack featuring Mike Pringle.