Killing time in the end zone

This has been gnawing at me for some time, maybe someone has the answer.

In a game where you are going against the wind, or when you are trying to hold a lead late in a game, you often see a returner conceding a single in the end zone, but first he runs around to take time off the clock. Fair enough.

But too many times I have seen players do this (a) when wind is not a factor at all, and (b) it's early in the third quarter.


Don't they realize that THEY might need those extra seconds at the end of the game?

Yeah, I agree. I can understand them trying to kill time in the second and fourth quarters, but to do it in the third... they're just wasting our time.

MJ, I've been wanting to ask this question for years, but was too embarrassed to ask. Thanks for doing my dirty work! :smiley:

...a little known fact but all the punters throw $20 into a hat at the beginning of the seaosn and whoever has the longest time of possession at the end of the season wins the pot...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Unless the punter of returner takes a knee immediately a penalty should be applied that is sufficiently harsh that coaches and players will think twice before they eat into my entertainment dollar.


A penality for what?

The play ig ongoing, the clock is running.....

Delay of game, I would suspect.

I don't see your point. Holding, tripping, interference etc all take place while the clock is running yet those are penalties. All I'm saying is that obvious time-wasting in the end zone should be called. Let's make it easy with a little play with the rules; you can run around all you want but you can't concede a single - meaning you take your lumps with a tackle: or you take a step back from where you fielded the ball and then are allowed to concede. Any movement forward or sideways after fielding the ball makes you liable to be hit as you would be at any other point on the field. I think that's a bit more clear.

allowing players to kneel in the endzone is a rule that's there to protect the atheletes.

otherwise, after being told by his coach not to run the ball out of the endzone, the returner would still scramlbe to kill time, still get a hit laid on him risking an avoidable injury, and still only conceed a sinlge point.


It is just as clear and sorry but just as ridiculous as well
You call it time wasting. I call it time management.....Based on what you are saying....a team should not be allowed to run the time clock down to 1 second and then call a time out and it is just as obvious. Should they get a penality for that?

Running plays at the end of the game are used to eat up the clock, or waste time should they give a penality for running the ball?

Doing it at the end of the game is fine. It would be considered strategy and time management. But doing it in the first or third quarters is just dumb. Just punt the ball so we can get on with the game.

I dont disagree that it is dumb...I just dont think there should be a penalty for doing it

We're getting off-topic.

I understand the killing of the clock point.........if it's in the 2nd quarter and I'm going against a gale force wind, of course I want my returner to eat up as many seconds as he can before giving up the single. Similarly, if it's late in the 4th quarter and I'm holding a lead, again I'll want him to kill as many seconds as he can before giving up the single.

I think we can all understand that.

What I DON"T understand, and what this thread was supposed to be about, is why do so many returners do this early in the THIRD quarter, when they can't possibly know if it is going to be the other team or their own team that might need those extra seconds at the end of the game.

Example: Montreal leads Calgary by 10 points in the third quarter. Calgary punts, and Taylor gets the ball in the end zone. He runs around, eating up say 10 seconds before conceding the single.

Then, in the fourth quarter, Calgary scores 10 points and leaves less than a minute on the clock for the Als to march downfield to try to kick a winning field goal. In that scenario, was it not dumb of Taylor to run off those 10 seconds? We may need them!!

So many returners do this....and I fail to understand why they do it at stages of the game when it is unclear just who is going to want or need those extra seconds at the end of the game.

I don't think it should be a penalty, either. It'd be like getting a penalty in hockey for knocking the puck over the glass.

How about giving the return team the single point if they can return it out of the endzone

The only reason I can think of is that the returner is hoping a hole opens up and when it doesnt, he either takes a knee or goes out of bounds

Not to nit pick.

Seems to me its more often the punter who does it, before giving up the saftey....IN that case I agree, you may need those seconds later on in the half