:twisted: Can someone tell me when the last time was when the CFL even looked at the KIDZ ZONE :?: Can someone please tell them to upgrade it or at least update it :!:

And could you tell me how completely useless, boring and poor is the “Tums section”? Come on, man! Who visits that list anyways? I know the sponsor wants to have its name on the site, but couldn’t someone come up with something that would actuallybe a bit relevant for football fans. The worst sponsorship execution I’ve seen in my life.

We are working on that as I write this. It should be updated in the next three weeks and will see weekly rotation of content. Yes it has not been updated in a while and is a priority moving forward.

There will be a change in imagery and new content as well as a new contest…stay tuned.


Thats good CFLpm…what about

The shop is maintained by River City Sports. Please forward any requests to them.


I see you have a new poll. Now howsabout asking the ref a new question :wink:

“TUMS” upset of the week, perhaps? As in, who gassed it this week?

KIdz PLace being updated…Alright! thats my favourite place.

…other than the fine forum that is

it should have a different name… Kids Zone sounds pansyish… there is some good english for you


TUMS upset of the week…great idea. I have passed it on to those in the know (minus the ‘gassed it’ reference)