Kids playing football

I am wanting some advise from experienced players or coaches please.....
I have an extremely talented child who plays football (I know I know - all parents think that) - but let's assume that he REALLY is very talented and has a natural athletisism (sp?) that could very well take him to professional sports... I am concerned about the strong liklihood (sp?) of him incurring an injury that would limit his options. Do most professional football players start at a younger age? Or in the later teens? I imagine it varies...but just looking for some info. Thanks.

I can only speak for the Lower Mainland of BC where my Grandson started playing at Pee Wee age.(10 years old) He's been playing for six years now. I know they have an Atom division that starts at 8 years old. I know up here in Kamloops they only have High School but in Kelowna they have several divisions like the Lower Mainland.

Hope this helps.

I'll toss in my two cents.
The best route is, don't even concern yourself with injuries or playing professional sports.
Lots of kids are great athletes. Very, very few of them ever make it to the pros.
Right now, your focus should be in the kid having fun and playing the sport or sports he enjoys and if he is having fun, and has the talent plus work ethic, the rest will take care of itself.

Good advice Arius. Let the kid(s) enjoy playing the game.

I think what bothered me was the statement "I am concerned about the strong liklihood (sp?) of him incurring an injury that would limit his options." Your concern about your son injuring himself should be just that and not connected to how it would hamper his "opportunities".

If your son is injured, the least of your concerns should be that he can't play football anymore.

Arius made a great comment and I have to agree with him. If your son's meant to play pro, it'll just happen. Don't try and "make" it happen.