I think Toronto made good of the booz free day Turing it into a kids day. I would like to see Hamilton adopt that. Perhaps have kids under 13 free? and the kids can also meet the players before the game at a meet and greet for little kids! And they could also have a kid flip the coin for the start of the game! I remember when was little going to the games with my friends dad and getting to meet the players at fan appreciation day, I thought i was the COOLEST kid alive meeting the Hamilton tigercats! I think NOT serving beer would be a bad idea, but having a kids day is fantastic!
[]Kids under 13 free
]Kids meet Tigercats!
[] One luckier kid can do the coin toss
] Pregame activity's face paint, dunk tank's, Small rides, free give aways, Perhaps a tiger show? Who knows!:slight_smile:
During halftime have a bunch of games the children can do!
Any other idea's?

No way forget it!! How about an adults game for a change!! I'm tired of kids getting all the breaks!

We are the ones with the dollars to spend. Just forget this thing about "the fans of the future" its the fans of today we should be thinking about.

Oh man, WOW not what I was expecting but Okay! Yeah I guess your right having ONE game a season dedicated totally toward children is a STUPID idea! In fact, they should hafta pay DOUBLE to get in. Nothing angers Me more then seeing little kid’s having a blast, I get SOO jealous. Jeez!

Just an FYI a terrific group of people do face painting just inside the Balsalm gates…I believe every game?

How about we do something to attract everyone, cuz a nearly empty Ivor Wynne that are all drunks probably wouldn't sit well with Bob Young.

much agreed but do we have a fan appretiation day anymore. I know that we had a season ticket holders pickup day which i wish i could have came, but other things clouded my vision because i would love to meet some of the players. AKA Rottier and the O-line

when did IWS become a circus lol
No but yeah i would like some kind of kids day but not to many we need to keep the drunken wildness of Hamilton alive

I'm happy to see some of us agree with a kids day. I also wonder if they still have a fan appreciation day!?