Kidd deserves respect,deserves a full playing role.

heard Carl on the 1040 interview.hard to believe they are letting such a important part of our team walk.7 years he has been the outspoken leader of our great Lions,always wearing his heart on his sleeve and leaving all he had out on the feild,in every game.Carl is the kind of player you need on a team to give the locker room perspective,to lead when a leader is needed.Every exceptional team needs exceptionable leaders and we just lost one of the a season ticket holder and a long time fan I say boooo to the powers that be and shame on them for allowing this crap to go on, forcing the retirement of a great LION,and his retirement is only happening because he wants to retire a lion.Well go play somewhere else Carl and I look foward to seeing you at the next home game when your on the opposing team.Go easy on us!!
also Carl said he doesnt really know how much he is loved up here.well Carl I believe that you are everything that a Lion should be and I think I speak for most B.C. Lions fans when I say that you will be truly missed and we wish you and your family all the best of luck and health.Take care freind.

Yes I agree Carl was loved by most of the Lions fans. Personally he was my favourite member of the team and I will miss his talk, but mainly how he played with heart when he was on the field. There was nothing better to see than Carl running on the field holding a Lions flag, getting everyone on the team and in the stands pumped up. I would have liked to see him back for one more season even if it was on another team. Carl will always be my favourite lion, so I will make sure I get a jersey with his number and name on it and wear it proudly to the games.

I always liked Kidd as a plyer, he played with heart all the time and got the job done, but when your an aging veteran and your salary demands are too high, whose to blame the organization for not wanting to sign him. Older does give alot of leadership and experience, but makes you very susceptible to injury, especially LBs who are always dealing out hits and generally being very active. No hard feelings

Shades of Alondra Johnson. Kidd is meeting the same fate with Wally.

Kidd is a great player, there's nothing like seeing him come out the the centre of the field waving a Lions flag and then slamming it into the ground. But he has definately lost a step or two. In the new salary cap era, there is no longer room for a lot of these aging veterans, even if they still have something to give. I will truly miss seeing Kidd in orange and I wish himm well in what ever direction life takes him.