Kickoffs After Fieldgoals

Should the CFL do anyway with the option of scrimmaging from the 35 yardline after fieldgoals and would the kickoffs provide more excitement from the return game ?

kickoffs take more time - people already b!tch about the games being too slow

I doubt kick-offs take more time. Maybe, maybe not.
But the reason they changed the rule to allow scimmaging from the 35 is on a windy day on the Prairies, lots of luck scoring against the wind without it....

So let them scimmage...

Actually, it's the reverse. The option to kick-off was added sometime in the 70s. Prior to that the only option was to scrimmage.

Leave the rule as is and allow the scrimmage. More options mean more strategy.

The big thing with getting the option to take the ball at the 35 yard line is when a team is down 9 or 10 points late in a game...basically a situation where they need a touchdown and a field goal. The team is forced to score the touchdown first if they want to do an onside kick, otherwise a team will just take the ball from the 35 yard line afterwards and run out the clock.

If it aint broke....dont fix it!


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What the heck piggy are you doing? Your team flukes a win and this is what you want to make a poll on this. I agree it works the way it is leave it a lone Kanga II.

why do you come up with these stupid, moronic, crazy.. retarded ideas?

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This is such a dumb Idea.

you don't do this.

they SHOULD have the Option to start from the 35 or 30 in the NFL!!!


memo to self

check with CFListhebest to get permission before posting questions or ideas.

I actually voted to let them scrimmage. But CFListhebest was way out of line with his post. If you are against an idea, just say so, don't behave like a child. Besides the vote is currently 8-6...a very close vote. Therefore I would say that this topic was warranted and worthy of some discussion.

Every topic is worth discussing.(well except maybe expansion) :lol: and a video game
My personal philosophy is that CFL football is the greatest game there is and there is no need to make changes.....Consider my "if it aint broke...." posts to be a no vote!

Speaking of expansion, I haven't seen this weeks nutty expansion topic yet! (Brandon Manitoba, Frederickton PEI, White Horse Yukon)

I actually enjoyed this topic, seeing the various reasons (speculation) on why options were added.

Kickoffs do not take more time. Most of the kicking team is all ready on the field! As soon as the ball is caught the clock starts ticking anyway.

The CFL always promotes the exciting and fast kick returners. So much so, they even changed the rules to help the return game. To limit or even alienate any of these plays seem down right silly. Time to kick the ball off everytime. Not because the evil NFL does it, but because us fans who like exciting plays, want it!

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