Hey with the season starting agaist bc i was just wondering what ppl think the score will be i say a blowout like 42-14 for the riders


I say, in a bizarre twist, paul mccallum misses a clutch field goal that kick starts a rider drive in which rookie Luca Congi punts the ball through the endzone, giving the riders the 1-0 win at BC Place. :lol: :lol: :lol:

The Riders only had 36 pts in 2 pre-season games, what makes you think they will get 42? I say BC wins a close one, 30-29

The Riders may not score many points early in the season but the DEFENCE is already out to play. The Riders will win and BC will be lucky to score a TD. I say 24 to 13.

Its gonna be a close game but the better team well win.

28 - 21 for the riders

BC will have the lead and then dickenson will get injured in the third and will get a comeback.

DD will get hurt in the third quarter tonite. The final score will be 23-11 for the Riders. Kerry Joseph will throw for over 300 yards, Matt Dominguez will get one TD, Kenton Keith will run one in, and Congi will hit 3 of 4 field goals. Paul McCallum will go 1 for 3 in fgs.

And then reality sets in.

:lol: :lol: :lol: