Kickoff Rule

Just curious as to why the Riders kicked off in both halves of their game against BC

I'm guessing, the Riders deferred to the second half and probably wind was a factor .They chose to kick to BC !

But if you kickoff in the first half don't you automatically receive in the second. I don think I have ever seen a team kick in both halves

No, if Riders win the toss they can deffer to the second half . BC would have the option to kick or receive at the start of the game. Then SK, would have the choice in the second half of receiving or kicking. If the Riders were in to a strong wind in the 3rd, they probably did not want to start deep in their end to start the 3rd.

The team that wins the toss has a choice of choices, if you follow what I mean. They can choose ...

1 - whether to kick or receive

2 - which end of the field to defend

3 - whether to make their choice now or to defer that choice to the second half

If the team that wins the toss chooses option 1 or 2, then the team that LOSES the toss gets to choose in the 2nd half.

So, Riders choose to defer (this is usually done in bad weather especially wind, in order to get the wind at your back in the 4th quarter), then the Lions chose to receive to start the game, so then the Riders got to choose ends in the first half.

Then the Riders chose ends in the second half, so the Lions chose to receive again.

Because of those prairie winds, this is a common phenomenon at Taylor Field.

Kindly Cal Murphy didn't have a lot of hard and fast rules but one way ALWAYS take the wind in Q4. Always.

He ended up with what, 9 GC rings? 10? Bombers kicked off both half lots in the 80's....and they won three GC in that decade (if you include 1990).