Who and how good of a player are the Roughies going to have kicking this season?

Pikula is our kicker now and hit 68% of his fg in college (or at least that is what I read)

we also grabbed a couple of kickers from the College draft and I've heard rumours we're in talks with the Renegades former kicker.

I do believe we made a mistake in letting McCallum go, but lets hope that one of these guys can do the job.

Which Renegades kicker have we been talking to? Fleming (terrible, and in Hamilton) Scorintio (in BC hit 53% of his FGs last time he plyed, terrible) and Kellet (not signed anywhere I dont think and is hurt alot) I guess I hope it's Kellet out of all these guys at least he has shown he can play and paly well, but who knows????

I heard Kellet, but who knows may just be a crazy rumour I would like to see him in camp though for some competition at least.

Duncan just signed with Bombers, I guess it's the young kids and I read today maybe demetrious Scouris ? He is god awfull, he tried out in Monteral when Kellet had is eye thing and they went with one eyed wonder. this guy isonly played with ottawa and his numbers are terrible. Stop playing games and sign kellet for TC at least if he is not healthy or is terrible release him, at least he will get to come home for a few weeks and see some old buddies.

It was a sad day when we lost Ridgeway. It will never be the same.