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Raiders Roster Moves

Posted Aug 31, 2013

The Oakland Raiders made the following roster moves on Saturday in order to reduce the active roster to the NFL-mandated 53 players.
Waived the following players:
Justin Medlock K 5-11 200 3 UCLA

Im in!

With the number of guys this team carried this season. I doubt very much there is enough cap money to get Medlock to even return the phone call.

Well, we may have a finite number of options this year:

  1. bring Medlock back

  2. cure the defence of its habit of collapsing late in the game, so that field goals don't matter as much

or 3) accept the fact that 2013 is not going to be our year

(My preference would be to do both 1 and 2)

Quitting on team in Sept. Sad.

Good Post, I've said it from the beginning of the season when Justin Medlock was available after Carolina, get this player back, he is money from 55 yards out, pay him the salary they were going to give Chris Williams this year but lets get a steady consistent kicker in Hamilton, Luca Stinks, he left 6 points on the field last night, that would have been chip shots for Medlock.

Also Medlock can punt so he he would be a back up for Bartel, Josh is doing a great job this year and I have no problems with Bartel but Luca Congi my God he's left us high and dry and few times this season and it's totally unacceptable.

And the import who will not play in place of Medlock will be..........?

Hey Teddyfan pick your poison do you really trust conji in a tight playoff game to kick that 45 yard field goal asa i can remember he has cost us two games this year with his kicking and medlock can at least attempt 55 yard field goals with some success . is there really some other kicker out there that is as good as medlock that is a canadian let me know

Fair enough. Just saying to go to Medlock creates a ratio issue

we also have alot of canadian talent maybe someone could step up and be actually better than an american

just a question are the kick returners considered a starter that we could use a canadian in place

Justin Palardy is available and is a Canadian,
Bring him in and this could create competition for the kicker position
Last season Palardy was an 87% Field goal kicker
Palardy was released by Winnipeg a couple weeks ago and being out of a job can bring a guys focus back,
Wasn't it was Palardy that lost out in camp to Medlock

Justin palardy is no better than conji he was a max 45 yard field goals guy that i think is brutal for a football kicker

The problem with bringing Medlock back is it’s more complex than meets the eye.It would lead to a dominoe effect on the roster in regards to the ratio restrictions.It would lead to a least 5 roster moves at least just to get him on the team.Medlock signing would in all likliehood mean that both Congi and Bartel would be let go,there would be no sense in keeping a back-up kicker on the active roster.Medlock would be required to do both punting and f.g.'s like he did when he was here 2 years ago.The team would have to delete one of their active imports now on the roster for Medlock to be activated.The team would then have to find 2 canadian players to replace Bartel’s and Congi on the roster,not an easy task as the last 2 games the Cats have had only 20 active Canadians on the 46,the bare minimum reguired.Plus there’s no quarantee that Medlock would even be interested in coming back here in the first place.With the ratio and roster restrictions in place,really the only way you have an import kicker is if he can do both jobs and take up only 1 spot on the roster.In reality it makes no sense to have 1 imp and 1 cdn kicker on your roster.I’ts either 2 canadians like right now or 1 canadian like when OZZY was playing,or 1 imp. doing both jobs like when At first when Setta was here and then when Medlock was here.Also with an imp. kicker you would technically lose 1 of your designated imp. spots to the kicking position,as he would be considered 1 of 3 designates for a game.

Medlock is also a left foot kicker so Fantuz would have to hold for him from the other side,
could be a problem

What about Seta, holy be his name, the greatest kicker to ever wear cleats. :cowboy:

Hire Medlock to replace fired Moore on the 42 man roster. Use someone like Jones to do returns. Actually I would like to see two, countem 2, returners on most kicks, especially deep in our zone. Bench or reserve list Congi. 3 roster moves.

Wrong!!! You release Moore and replace him with Medlock,you now have to release or sit another player(import) to get Walker onto the active from 4 man reserve,as your back-up R.B. and 2nd return man.As Medlock can do both jobs,you in all likelihood have to do something with Bartel(as I mentioned earlier,no sense wasting a roster spot on a b.u. kicker).You then have to activate 2 cdns to replace Congi and Bartel,not an easy task as the Cats due to injuries have had only the bare minimum(20 cdn)in that department the last 2 games.Signing Medlock would lead to a definite domino effect on the roster,as I said earlier Wheezer it’s not as easy as just replacing a kick-returner with a kicker.There’s a lot more involved to it,than that.Even if you argued that they could keep Bartel as punter and sign Medlock strictly for f.g.s it doesn’t make sense to tie up 2 of your roster spots with 2 kickers that are different nationalities,especially when Medlock is proficient at both jobs.In closing,as I said previously we don’t even know if Medlock would even want to come back here in the first place.

Man if he is available and wants to return, no question Medlock should be signed and for a long term.
Look what happened to us with Pre and now with Waters back there is no more problems with our kicking game.

I think after one more crucial, missed, makeable field goal, Congi will be replaced. Austin will not put up with that b.s.