The new kicker will help the Lions a lot! He is 39 years old and is 2nd place in points all-time in the cfl. Chris Burns got raealised he must have been out of shame or something. GO LIONS

:D This should help? Shouldn't it God I hope so-Yes of course this will help.

Kickers have the most points on any football club! The last kicker had 131 points. That was just ok?
Time for bed good nite football fans. :wink:

Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t Dave Ridgway the second all time in points behind Lui? McGloughlin is the leading scorer among “active” players.

O’Mahony is simply not up to the task - M McG. should help. It is tough being a Lions fan and watching D.O’M.'s kicking performance after having the pleasure of watching Passaglia all those years

Can't disagree with that. We were spoiled by Lui's kicking for what...22 years?