Are the Lions going to get a new kicke I heard they are looking at this one guy? GO LIONS

A new kicker at this point I'm afraid isn't going to help the Leos. They'd have needed 8 FG's to beat Winnipeg.

Time to show Duncan the door..... at this point i don't think he could water if he fell out of a boat.....good in practice, but seems to crumble under pressure

Well is that Anderson guy gonna be any better? I say stick with O'Mahony and hope for the best, although he's missed what 5 in a row now from around 30 yards?

I still think they should have given Greathouse a shot in a game before cutting him. Hitting fieldgoals should be easy at practice, it's the games where O'Mahony misses so often.

Radio said that Duncan will punt and Mcloughlin will do the Field goal duties.

I think that Duncan should step aside for a while as field goal kicker and let Mcloughlin kick them. Duncan would be a great kicker but he cant aim at all. He was doing good before but he just started to do worse....We'll see what happens with the new kicker and go from there.

where did this Mcloughlin guy come from? is he any better?

He kicked for Calgary many years ago. He's 40+ and came out of retirement.

Either way pulling your kicker in the last play of the game and putting in a guy who has never kicked in a pro football game before hoping he can nail a 43 yarder (cant remember the exact distance) ? That had to be Wally's dumbest coaching move of his career. Not saying dont get a new kicker just saying dont pull a kicker. Remember the Playoffs in overtime? Duncan O'mahony Hammered one in BC place against the riders to win it. He can make them, but right now he is having some type of mental problems or something.

I think that was a pretty stupid coaching decision in my opinion. And im pretty sure it was a 50 yarder exactly that Anderson attempted. Here in Edmonton it appears that fleming has come out of his slump but i disagree how they had newcomer epstein come in for a few games. I think that kickers always go through their short slumps for a while, but eventually they'll get back to they way they were.