The Eskimos get new kickers every week. The Argos trade Prefontain to them. Then Argos sign Vandergagt. The Riders must believe in Congi and believe in Borham. They did not bring in another kicker to camp.

2 questions. If Congi or Borham does bad. Should Riders go get american kicker? And should Eskimos have gotten american kicker like Montreal and not traded number 1 pick for old kicker?


Is that no for 1 question? Or no for 2 questions? I say this. Yes if Riders dont kick good. Bring in a american kicker or punter. Or a player who can do both. I thought the Riders would bring a american to camp for day 1. Surprised they did not.

On Edmonton it depends on how Eskimos do. If they trade s number 1 pick and dont make the playoffs. Or do not have a winning season. If that happens they have an old kicker who is a year older and they lost a number 1 pick. Maybe the 1st or 2nd pick or 3rd pick in the draft.

Using an import roster spot for a kicker should only be done in dire emergency basis. A team is desperate if they have to resort to this tactic.

Yes the team does have their eyes on some potential american kickers if this becomes an issue, but at this point is does not make sense to give up the TC spot.

Sorry. Shoulda been clearer. No to #1 (not sold on most American kickers and not too thrilled about the ratio issue) and without knowing Edmonton's ratio, I would have a hard time saying either yes or no to #2.

Edmonton had an American kicker, Epstein, and they released him. If you're using an American he better be able to do both kicking and punting, and he better be darned good at both to justify that spot.

I dont think we need an American punter or kicker.

Agreed. No reason to think luca can't be our kicker for the next decade or more, and boreham is adequate while Luca learns to punt, or we find another guy.

Kicking is an area where Canadian College and Junior players have a distinct advantage over NCAA players ... the simple truth is we kick much, much more with 3-down rules and our kickers are often at least as good, if not better, than NCAA prospects.

There are situations where there just isn't a good kicker available in CIS or free agency and a team needs someone to play that position. Often that's because the guys with CIS experience are playing in the NFL, where they are generally highly regarded.

In that case, you really don't have much choice than to waste an import roster spot on an NCAA player ... and it doesn't hurt to remind yourself, while you do, that you're taking a player the NFL didn't want in exchange for a CIS player they do want.

But, at best, it's a short term solution, and the team should find a Non-Import as soon as practical to get the ratio where it needs to be.

Other than Ryan, which 2007 NFL teams had CIS kickers? Is not the knock on Canadian kickers that they do not have the hangtime?

One would assume that if there was such a big demand for all of these Canadian kickers the CFL Canadian kickers would be hold out for free agency to go to the NFL for the big bucks? Well it has happened from time to time, it still seems that generally the NFL take American kickers.


Don't you mean punters? Jon Ryan, clearly, does not kick anything(not even back by the pool on the road) for the Green Bay Packers of the NFL.


Including Jon Ryan.


So, you had absolutely no idea what he was referring to then, or you're simply acting jerkish?