Kicking The Ball - Exploiting This Unique CFL Rule

Imagine it is second and 6 on your own 40.

The ball is snapped and the QB drops back, pumps a few times, then laterals to a player that can kick.

The QB gets behind the kicker, and after the ball is punted on an angle, runs down the field and retrieves the ball.

At this point, the defence is confused and is circling the QB.

The QB then punts the ball ahead to the opposite angle. At this point most of the offence is behind the QB, but at the other side of the field.

The ball is kicked, retrieved, and is run in for a touchdown.

The defence is totally baffled.

Sure it could go wrong. But it could work.

The point is, in the CFL any player can kick the ball at any time.

This rule needs to be used more.

I agree, and although very difficult to do, but not impossible (and not against the rules I think), how about a successful 2 point conversion on a small punt into the end zone? wouldn't that be a cool replay?

It's a neat idea that's very hard to actually pull off, that's why you don't see it very often. More often the first kick will be recovered by the defence, and you've just given up a turnover on second down.

This trick is usually pulled out every season. I don't remember seeing it actually work except in 2004 when Calgary tried it vs BC. The refs made a miscall though and they didn't count the player who recovered as onside.

I think we'll see Saskatchewan use this play this year as they seem to be pulling off every trick play in the book. They'll lose the game anyways though.

I've never seen two onside punts in a single play, and don't think it's ever been done. It would be legal, and I'm sure the refs would be discussing it and reviewing it and discussing it some more for about ten minutes before making the official ruling. It would certainly be the kind of play that people would be talking about for many, many years.

Getting it to work, though, would be an ENORMOUS task. Probably easier (and higher success rate) to just throw a pass.

Its almost impossible to pull off. once the first kick is recovered, chances are that the player will be surrounded by defenders very quickly and have nor room to get the kick off

I agree it's pretty much impossible to do!
You are better off trying for a legit 1st down and if unsuccessful punting it properly where you will end up with more net yards!

How about just continually passing the ball backwards/sideways, as the team moves the ball down the field? Teams tend to try it at the end of the game quite frequently(like Sask. did this past weekend, or Hamilton-i think- a few weeks ago). Most of the time, the team ends up moving the ball VERY far down the field.

I think it's to risky to lateral like that early in the game. Very easy to turn the ball over and give the opposition good field position.

Another idea is to keep your fastest runner behind the kicker every time there is a punt.

Then he can run down the field and perhaps retrieve the ball.

I've seen some minor football teams do that.. putting people behind your punt.

I hate that. You messed up and went 2 and out. you don't deserve that ball back, screw off!

Well if you are the receiving team and fall for that you don't deserve it either

Hamilton was almost successful a few weeks ago in Montreal with the lateral, they did it right, got a lot of yards, but sadly, no TD.

I love the lateral and the onside punt.

Wouldn't it be kool if they tried the lateral on the Kick convert? have the kicker punt it up in the air., and one guy behind him to run into the end zone and recover it? Sweet play! don't know if anyone would go for it though.

not worth it for 2 points

true. and it's likly to get intercepted and return to the other endzone, but my o my, that would make for a great season highlight!

The Als did something like that last season.

They were at their own 40 yard line with one second to go in the first half. Instead of just kneeling down, as is usually the case, Calvillo made a 25 yards pass to Dave Stala who then booted it down the field.

Most guys were behind Stala and could have recovered it for the TD, but logic prevailed and the defensive back got it in the endzone (half a second before he was whacked!).

So the Als got a single point, which was still better than kneeling down.

better to always go for it than take a knee IMO unless the game is on the line if you do.

Its usually only used when zeros are on the clock in the 2nd quarter by a receiver or running back if they know theyre not getting any further. Still rare though. (Bombers tried that trick field goal in Edmonton where the tight end pulls around and behind the kicker, should have worked but he didnt jump on the ball properly.)

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Wouldn't it be kool if they tried the lateral on the Kick convert? have the kicker punt it up in the air., and one guy behind him to run into the end zone and recover it? Sweet play! don't know if anyone would go for it though.
I'm not quite sure if this would be a legal play. Here's what the CFL rulebook says about converts:

Article 5 – Convert
A team scoring a touchdown may attempt to add to its score by means of
a scrimmage play from any point between the hash marks on or outside
the opponent’s five-yard line, as follows:
1 point – By kicking a field goal or,
2 points – By scoring a touchdown by means of a ball carrying or passing

In the rulebook for Canadian Amateur Football it specifically adds a clarification to the 2 point convert:

2 points - by scoring a touchdown by means of a ball carrying or passing play. A punt or onside kick is prohibited.

So I'm not sure if the CFL is the same, and that it just isn't specifically spelled out, or if this would actually be a legal play in the CFL. I suspect the former, since an onside kick doesn't really count as a "ball carrying or passing play", at least in my opinion.

According to the rules, on a convert you can't score by recovering your own kick that was kicked across the line of scrimmage. The play is dead as soon as a ball kicked from behind scrimmage crosses the goal line. Now, if it was passed first or ran across the line of scrimmage I assume a punt and ownteam recovery would score 2.