Kicking out of bounds

The way the rule is right now, there's really no penalty other than you can make the kicking team, kick it again if the ball goes out of bounds +20 yard line.
Suggestion...make the penalty worth while....the receiving team gets the ball from the last point of scrimmage.
Think any team would take a chance at kicking outside the numbers?


There were not many fouls this year under this rule. No need to make a drastic change.

To steal ro1313's line. IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!

The rule is absolutely pointless to tell you the truth and only slows the game down. The only way the recieving team will take the penalty is if the punter gets off a good punt. If the punter gets off a good punt most of the time it will land between the 0 and 20. The only time the ball goes out of bounds between the 20s usually is if the punter shanked the ball, which in that case the recieving team will decline the penalty.

according to Ro, they should never have changed the rule in the first place.

Personally, I dont like this half and half. Either go back to the way it was, or make it that the ball must hit the ground before going out, everywhere.

I have never been a fan of punting out of bounds but the new rule is pointless. I think out off all the times it have been called, I have only seen them rekick once. The only time you see it called it because the punter did not get off a good punt so they recieving team is not going to make them kick again.

I would suggest the revieving team have the option of having a re-kick or talking the ball 10 yards up from where it went out.

suggestion get rid of the entire rule althogether it is dumb

If it bounces inbounds and goes out it should be wherever it went out...if it sails out of bounds without ever landing inbounds...the receiving team should choose if they want a re-kick from 10 yards farther back....or take the ball where it went out.

The rule is perfect just the way it is.

Just as it is.

I agree. Not really a fan of the rule (I don't think there should be any penalty for punting out of bounds) but if the rule must exist, the way it is is fine with me.

Some teams have taken the penalty, when there has been a really good kick that sailed out of bounds, or when the receiving team wants an opportunity for a return.

There really isn't a dominating kick returner in the CFL this year, so we haven't really seen this make a huge effect on the strategies to kick it away from the returner.

If in the next few years the CFL gets a few dangerous return guys we may see this rule start to affect the way teams punt the ball.