Kicking, or lack of it

One thing we know is that the current regime could never find a player of the caliber of Seth Small.

(I mean, if they could, we wouldn’t need to give up all hope on the rookies before ever having seen them kick in a game.)


From Milton yesterday:

Ethan Ratke, handling Ticat place-kicking duties as Seth Small is still in Texas with his wife and their newborn daughter, holds the all-time NCAA record for total field goals and career kicking points, set at James Madison …

Jumal Rolle says his retirement is permanent | The Star

This is an outrage! (I assume.)

FG percentage of 90%+ in his past two seasons: Ethan Ratke Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

Inside Ethan Ratke’s Whirlwind Chase For A Professional Contract | James Madison |

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats, a Canadian Football Team, wanted to sign Ratke and bring him in ahead of their rookie minicamp.

Less than an hour later, he spoke with Hamilton’s special teams coach Jeff Reinbold. And less than two days later, Ratke boarded a flight bound for Toronto.

“It was very crazy,” Ratke said. “It was very shocking. … It all happened very fast. I was still processing it on the plane, I’m still processing it now. It was a very quick turnaround.”


Let’s not talk about each other please and thank you.

One more sleep 'till football!

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Maybe for you. Some (most?) of us will sleep twice before Saturday.


I’m staying up all Friday night wearing my new Grey Bo jersey.


Tavai. Away whites.

Haha. Sleepless in Guelph.

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I’m washing my Bertolet jersey as we speak .

I thought that was reserved for drying the truck??

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Actually I had to wretch it off the dog . He somehow has adopted it as one of his favorite chew toys .

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