Kicking off to start both halfs

The last 2 games the cats have kicked off to start the first and third quarters. Did anyone else notice this, or know why they have been doing it? I get that if there's a big wind you might want it in the fourth but i didn't think the wind was a big deal in either of those games.

That`s a good question. I always thought that whoever kicks off to begin the first half, will automatically receive to begin the 2nd half??? Anyone know the ruling on that?

Just a guess..

hamilton wins toss and defers to second half. Opposing team elects to take the ball. Hamilton kicks in the first half.

Second half, hamilton feels an advantage to having wind in 4th quarter and chooses a side. Opposing team starts with the ball. Hamilton kicks to start the second half.

Could be wrong..but seems plausible

Edit - See Mycko... hes right.

Thats a good guess. But to defer receiving for 2 games in a row. I didnt think wind was a big factor against Toronto. Maybe more wind in Edmonton?

There was a decent breeze on Labour Day. It was directly responsible for Toronto missing from 52 and barely (and I mean barely) squeaking one over from 47.

That's what I was thinking. I couldn't tell the wind factor in edmonton but in hamilton i just didnt think it was that big...

You may not be flying away by the wind but it really makes a difference on how the ball flies, even if it's just small gusts.

I thought the wind was easily strong enough to influence their choices on Monday.

Marcel felt sorry for the Argos. Gave then the ball both halves. Oh well. Better luck next time.

We deferred the opening coin toss on Monday. We received.

Second half, we chose the end, the Blew Team chose to receive (both times).

Many teams like to kick to start in order the pin the opposing team (hopefully) and start the field position fight off of the get go.

Lets blame the wind for the Nick Setta miss lol

The key is to get the wind advantage in the 2nd and 4th quarters when the clock stops a lot more!!!

Did we not receive at the beginning of this game…am i on drugs…yes…but…i think we got the ball…