Kicking Circus

...Don't look now ...BUT Duncan O'Mahoney is heading back to the Bomber practice field...How many shots does this guy get...He better get his act together quick...or the kicking fiasco on this team will turn into a nightmare...if it hasn't already reached that stage...Please...Taman....after the season is over (cuz i believe its too late now) straighten the Bombers kicking game fact, make it the no 1 priority,,,,this is getting ridiculous... :roll: :roll:

This is same circus that is going on in front office.

This kicking fiasco is a rather ironic concept indeed.

i will cry if that useless good for nothing sack-of-no-talent bum makes it back onto the roster.

I still perosnally think the biggest mistake made in the bombers kicking game this year was releasing bryan munroe. he looked fanatastic in punting averaging over 50 and in preseaon both were clear over 60 yards, and although not a placekicking specialist was getting reps in and was outkicking westwood no problem. although serna started strong he nor o'mahony should have been brought in.