Kicking at Training Camp?

Just wondering if anyone has been out to watch the Riders TC and if they paid any special attention to our three new rookie kickers? That is probably the biggest question mark hanging over this team this year and I was wondering how they are doing? FG's accurate? Punting far and accurate? Just curious.

Go Riders!!

They did Ok they cant seem to get any in from more than 40 yards out

With everthing that has improved for the Riders for the upcoming season its too bad a huge question mark hangs over the kicking situation. I’d hate to see the season go to hell because we have the worst kickers in the league!

At least our kickers showed up for camp...

Luca Congi was the best PK today in camp. Hitting 3 for 3 from 45yds with room to spare.

Congi definitely has the stronger leg on field goals, Im not to worried about him there as long as he can carry that into a game situation. Punting I'm not so sure what would be our best route right now