Kickin' Butt!

How bout’ the riders? wouldn’t expect any less. Corey Grant doing awesome. Kenton Keith not doin’ so good but only first game. He’ll prove he’s the best back in the league. Enjoy the victory.

Sorry, meant corey Holmes doin good.

Relax Rider fans ( both of ya) It’s not like you beat the New England Patriots.
BTW, Nealon still sucks LMFAO

Go Esks

It is nice that you laugh at your own jokes, whose punchline is no more than “Nealon still sucks”

Hey I got one, Ricky Ray likes boys LMFAO

Honest to God I don’t know how you can say that about him after the way he played tonight. It’s not just the numbers either, he played one hell of a football game not only passing the ball and spreading around but he controlled the tempo and rhythm of the game. He only overthrew that one long ball and turfed a couple of short hitch passes but hey…It’s the first game of the year and Nealon’s first full game in 2 years so if that’s the only rust he has on him look out it’s going to be tought to stop us this year.

Plus the ball was wet and there was a strong wind.

ESKIMOS SUCK or should i say the team who BUYS championships year in and year out



Both teams played in those conditions it means squat! By the way you played a team on the rebuild so do not get the polish out for the Grey Cup.

What is the matter the Eskie fans have a right to comment and too their opinions. Again you and your buddy Jeremy afraid of the bogee man.

The Riders did play well. But again I do not think anyone other the Bomber fans would not think this was going to happen. Again good on the Riders but that wait until you have been truely tested and then bring out the band.
Bomber fans have to start thinking they are a rebuilding team period. Their coach saod the same thing so why can they not accept that.

Actually, you’re wrong on this one, redwhite2005. If Dominguez88 was comparing quarterbacks (Glenn vs Greene), then it wouldn’t matter whether the ball was wet, cuz both QBs faced the same challenge. Instead, he’s pointing out that part of the reason Greene wasn’t as accurate as he could be was because the ball was wet and there was a strong wind. He’s comparing Nealon to himself, so it’s a fair comment. Now we just need to see if Nealon can complete those passes in good conditions or not.

I do agree, however, that beating the Bombers does not win us the Grey Cup. As nice as that would be…

That’s true that beating the bombers won’t win us a Grey Cup but think of it this way: It’s the games like these that get you home playoff games. Last year we dropped 3 games to the “Bombers of the league” and as a result we ended up 9-9. Now imagine what would’ve happened if we’d have beaten them 3 teams as we should’ve. Our record would’ve been 12-6 and we would’ve had first in the West (I believe) which means 2 home playoff games. Games like those are important even though they seem un-important it makes a difference.

Or even if we would have beat them once. we would have been 10-8 and good enough to host a playoff game.
P.S if you finish first you still only get one home playoff game because of the bye in the 1st round.

Why do non-Rider fans (and some Rider fans) hate Greene so much. The Edmonton fans always talk about how he throws a lot of picks. I checked the stats since 2000, here is what is shows for Nealon:

857 of 1436 (60% completion rate)
59 TD’s and 31 Int’s.

Not bad numbers. WIth the Riders, he is about the same, proportionally:

516 of 861 (60% completion rate)

35 TD’s and 18 Int’s.

I think those a great numbers. And the nice thing if you look at his stats on a game-by-game basis, he is pretty consistent.

Don’t forget his ability to put drives together and eat out the clock. With Burris (no offense/offence) it was either quick drive to touchdown or 2 and out which most of the time didn’t give our defense/defence time to rest. The thing that gets me about him is his hitch passes or short passes, he always underthrows or overthrows. He looked good in the game except for that one short pass, and a few normal passes but receivers made big catches. Plus he needs to float those long ones a little bit more to give our receiver a chance. I think he was just afraid to becasue he didn’t want to start the season out with an interception and people booing him once again