i was playing around with stats and standardized there % to a standard where 75% of attempts come from within 40 yds and 25% from beyond. just for fun and the results were such:

  1. deangelis 83.8%
  2. prfontaine 78.3
  3. westwood 76.8
    4 boreham 76.3
    5 duval 75.5
  4. kellet 73.3
    7fleming 66.8
  5. mccallum 66.5
    9 omahoney 63.5

mark mcL actually came out on top with 87.5% but has so few kicks i left him off the rank.


most suprising to me is Westwood being so high

guess its mostly the longer ones he misses.

Yea he's good from inside of the forty..
A fieldgoal kicker has to have a longer range than forty yards...
WestWood is terrible outside the forty..
If the Bombers hold on to him for next year, it will cost us...
no confidence in the kicker, changes your play calling late in the game.

westwood is the best kicker in the league from within 40 at 92% the vast majority of your kicks are in that range. to let him go for someone who kicks 20% better from further out but even 10% from close would not make sense.

only deangelis and prefontaine are as good as troy and the odds of picking up someone of their calibre is not that easy. however if ryan is decent and we could save a salary by having him double up i would be interested.

I agree blackdale, and most teams dont take chances outside of 40-45 yards unless its a very close game and they need points badly.

i must say deangelis is doing a fine job in competing for rookie of the year with his numbers. very impressive. and everyone in mont keeps saying duval is so wonderful but if you break it down he looks quite avg.

i remember back at the begining of the season when sandro still hadn't missed one and they sent him out to try a 56 yard field goal and he made in that was just so great


Did you include those in your percentages?

i would say there is value in the single point. although it is not the three you hoped for having a kicker kick it wide through the endzone is safer than having it returned for a td. field coverage on a missed field goal is alwsays difficult. i love the rouge rules and do nt want them changed. it plays into the strategy of the game. if i had copious amounts of time to play with stats i would break down every kickers % form each yard line and then standardize them according to the avg number of kick attempted from each yd line across the league. this would give a good account of who is truly the best kicker. there should probably be some extra value included for clutch kicking. the big no time left on the clock down by two sort of kick. i think troy should organize a troy westwood kicking challenge as damon allen has for qbs. each kicker kicks three kicks from each ten yd line back to the 60. one one each hash mark plus one from the middle. then standardize value of each kick according to freq of attempt in previous year.
then challenge for kickoffs. furthest and most accurate.(measure distance from target) and onside with target again.
punts distance , hang time, and angled punts(target on sideline)

Here we go again