Is it just me, or are the kickers unbelievably inconsistent this year? I can't remember a year when so many routine kicks were missed, let alone the sure thing kicks you have to get from your PK from 35-40 yards out.

Are the kickers just tanking this year, or is the PK coverage that much better that it is confusing the kickers? Or what?

On a side-note, it puts a smile on my face to see Lions fans suffering the same agony we did for years in Sask., over Paul McCallum. The guy is just horrible, and may have cost the Lions the game.

common, show us kickers some respect! (im a kicker too btw). but i have noticed that myself, with exceptions nick setta at hamilton, that guy is solid.

...i have to thank the leos...on behalf of the Bombers.....THANX FOR PIKULA....he's a winner.... :thup: :wink:...and the future as far as the kicking game goes in the Peg.... :rockin:

maybe the Lions can pick up Mr. Consistency - Troy Westwood!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!

I think it has to do with how wide the hashmarks are and the poor angles that the kickers have.

have the hash marks changed???

no, he means the fact that the hashes are what 5+yards wide of the nearest goalpost? where as in the NFL the hashes are in line with the nearest goalpost (easier angle to kick from, hense NFL kickers miss only a few each year). also, if a team is going for a field goal from the 15 yard line.. the angle is brutal (take my word on it). in some situations of my own, teammates of mine have even taken a penalty or 2 just to bring the ball back to a decent lenght, and angle to make it an easier and more realistic attempt.

i agree the hash amrks do reign havack on the kickers. and another benefit of the nfl are the uprights in the back, they have an extra ten yards to get the angle. BUt yes the kickers have been very inconsistent and it will be very intresting to see what happens.

Well, the hash marks are the same as they have always been. My point is there seems to be so many easy field goals missed this year, whether from 14 yarrds out or 37 yards out. I don't remember a year like this. So I'm wondering, are the kickers poorer, or are the kick coverage teams doing somethings different to distract the kickers?

I'd go with the poorer kicker theory myself, which is strange considering that most of them are the same ones who were kicking last year.

As a kicker, how much does the holder really effect how well you can boot the ball?

A lot.

If you're Ben Cahoon it doesn't matter. :stuck_out_tongue:

it makes a HUGE difference!

especially at a high school level where i still play, if you see a kicker miss an easy field goal, you think this guy must be garbage.. 90% of the time its the holder/long snappers mistake. i've kicked so many laces over the past 3 years, some days i think my foot is going to crumble.. woo.. artheritis in 15-20 years :roll:

Yes, it seems a lot of kickers are missing "easy" ones these days.

Wheres the Million dollar Wendy's winner when you need him! :wink: