From the Black and Gold game it looked like Setta was the superior/more consistant FG kicker, and much better punter than Myers.
I do think Myers is a capable FG kicker, just not a punter.

I would have to say Nick Setta will be both the TC FG and punter this year.

Does anyone who attends practice have a different take??

I'd agree that Setta is the better of the two. Myers can kick quite well, but his punts need work. Does anyone think we'll keep them both??

Setta for sure. Keep Myres around "just in case"...

I do not see us keeping both.
If Myers was clearly the better FG kicker…perhaps.

We will not be keeping 2-Import kickers on the roster.
I do not think they will even keep Myers on the limited practice roster.
The truth should be that in the event of injury there is a lot of replacement import kickers to choose from.

Both Kickers are Going to the Peg.
I spoke to both Today.
They both get Time at 3 Spots.
Punter Place Kicking and Kickoffs.

I wish them Luck