Kickers On the Market

Vanderjagt has signed with the Argos and they have traded Prefontaine to the Eskimos so we should see Sean Fleming being released. However it is possible that he will retire rather than come to the Bombers but the Eskimos also drafted Warren Kean last year (wow what a novel idea draft a new kicker before your old one is washed up) the Bombers should see if they can make a trade to get him.

But I thought every one in Winnipeg loves Troy? Isn't Westwood running for Mayor this fall? :lol: :lol:

....nope, he's just singing in the band....IF he doesn't have a better day kicking ,than he had at tc. today....he better keep that guitar tuned-up//// :roll:

Oh, oh, I'm starting to feel the "tough love" drifting out of Winnipeg already! :lol:

They just airlifted in another kicker, Alexis Serna. Clearly, Berry isn't liking what he is seeing at camp.

So it would seem. Thankfully a couple of Canucks are looking pretty good at DB, which would allow us a Yankee kicker. He's a gooder too, if he lives up to his hype