Kickers in the ring...

Since my quarterback thread got some responses, why not the same thing with kickers? If every CFL kicker got in a fight who would be the last one standing...

Methinks it's Prefontaine.

Prefontaine gets my vote as well.
McCallum has a nasty streak, but Prefontaine is actually a decent athlete.
I would however love to see Westwood in a real scrap…

Me too. He gets my vote. I think he'd fight dirty and walk out da champ.

Fun threads, rob35. :lol:

westwood is a straight up thug, haha. :lol:

Prefontaine would own. He took a punch from baker a year or two ago. Need I say more? :twisted:

Noel Prefontaine

Troy, tried his hand at boxing, got pummeled iirc, but that was against a professional fighter. As long as there is no hair pulling allowed, I think Troy takes Pre in 10th. :wink: