...Kickers ...hit hard...

…Whats with all of the kickers in the league getting nicked this year…
Johnson…for the Argos…pretty good punter…in fact he beat MedLock out of a job until he got hurt
McCallum…leos…out for a period after an injury
Boreham… sask…out of action
Setta…hurt more than the Cats want to let on
Renauld…Bomber punter hurt in the last game against the cats
Did i miss anyone??? this is turning into an epidemic… :roll: :roll:

Maybe it's because kickers in the CFL actually consider themselves football players and not just kickers. I often see kickers actually mixing it up a bit and trying to make a tackle or throwing a block when needed.

I’m really thankfull that Edmonton has Prefontaine. Into the wind Noel Prefontaine with a 49 yarder at Commonwealth. Then again in the old days Larry Robinson of Calgary pulled one out in a crosswind at Taylor field to send Calgary to Grey Cup 68. Kickers/Punters are unsung hero’s for sure.

Right, but about 29 of those yards was roll. I don't think Pre kicks 'em much higher than 30 feet nowadays, wind or no wind.

He could kick in a gym.

Well Boreham was a safety in college so it's not like he's new to the hitting aspect of the game. In fact I'd reckon that Jamie Boreham has taken more hits this season than the Ralph brothers :wink:

...now confirmed....Renaud out for the season....Serna has been having a great year....i hope it continues with double duty now at hand...you're the man now 'mighty mite' :thup:

are these injuries due to players hitting them just after they kicked the ball?

if not, then they need to harden up in training or take better care that they don't get hurt (the last sounds like the cowardly NFL players, but they have a point, their purpose isn't to get into the mix but to kick balls to score or pin the opposition). The rules of conduct in a football game can only go so far, and this from a guy that believes that the league needs better rules in protecting players from injuries but I'll end it there.

fact is, kickers getting into the mix or any players take a huge risk in playing this game, it's their choice.

Most of the kickers have been injured making tackles. IIRC Johnson and McCallum were hurt making tackles. Boreham hurt his neck when he made Grice-Mullen do the loop-de-loop. Renaud took a helmet to the knee when making a tackle. I'm not sure about Setta though.

Thanks Blue Blood, I rest my case then, these players need to show some self control and responsibility.

They do need to be careful. IIRC at least one or two of the kickers were injured on plays where if they didn't attempt a tackle the returner may have scored. Others it was just bad luck like with Renaud.